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Entreprenuer Incubator To Prevent Attrition - Insights From Pranil

One of the major challenges that organizations face is the obvious inability to promote all middle managers into leadership roles for lack of vacant seats above. While the best are chosen to be promoted, remaining are either given justifications or left by themselves. The most likely consequence is the exit

How Airlines Can Target Rail Passengers - Insights From Pranil

An industry where the product is perishable and fixed costs account for a significant percentage, unsold inventory could arguably be the last thing one would want to see.No wonder the airline industry has proved to be a marshy area for most players. While making money in such an industry is

The Rise Of Retail Technology - Insights From Pranil

The kind of discounts that the likes of Big Bazaar & Reliance Fresh offer on many FMCG products is far too attractive to ignore. The challenge in a city like Mumbai or for that matter any other metro is to take yourself to the mall by navigating through the traffic,