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The Great Indian B School Debate Semifinal One - The Tablet Computer has no future - (IIM Lucknow FOR)

20 hours ago:Reshal comes running to Swati’s room where a couple of them are busy preparing their marketing project which is due for submission soon.Reshal: Dude! The topic for the InsideIIM debate has been released.Swati (excited): Really? What is it?Reshal: Tablet computers have no future.Umang: You have to argue for

Battle #5 – There Is No Alternative To Capitalism- XLRI Jamshedpur AGAINST Counterpunch by IIM Lucknow

We would like to thank our friends from XLRI for their entry. It was an interesting and pleasing read, more so because most of it just complemented the point that we were making through our own entry- that capitalism is essential for the healthy survival of any economy. Hence, we

Battle #5- There is no alternative to Capitalism- IIM Lucknow FOR

There is no alternative to capitalism Let us tell you a story of three men, Rohit and Rohan and Raj. Rohit lives in Socialnagar, has clothes to wear, food on his plate and all the resources in Socialnagar are owned by his government. There is no profit motive and everything is

Mera 'Desh' Mahaan

I respond by a “Majama” to “How are you”, ask my friends “Tumi ki Korchish” for “what are you doing” and dance to the tune of “Nakka Mukka” enthusiastically whenever it is played. None of these are my “home-state” languages; these are lessons and memories that my “Indian” friends have