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of Scorecard and Achievements- Alternative Marvericks

10:26 PM, Jan 22, 2012It was out – the CAT results.  Rehaan was nervous, mentally picturing himself undergoing the rigorous hours of preparation, the hundreds of mock CATs he had given – the past few months flashed in front of his mind’s eyes – he was almost begging the gods

Things They Don’t Tell You In B-Schools About Placements

Everyone and their uncles are busy commenting and advising on the placements season that is approaching fast. At most B-schools, the atmosphere had decidedly become more serious and brimming with self-confidence. Yet beneath the veneer, lie a few murky truths and a few clear writings on the wall which no

Things They Don’t Tell You At A B-School | IIM Ahmedabad

The phone rang a couple of rings before I answered it. It was Shristi at the other end. It was a hectic time with the final placements approaching soon. All of us were busy with resume submissions, regular classes and attending company presentations on campus.  One could smell the stink

Things They Don't Tell You At a B-School - Free Riding

All great things are achieved by strong teams. You assemble a galaxy of superstars but if they don’t form good team, one is left managing inflated egos and ordinary results.  Inversely, one can have a bunch of average players coming together to achieve something great.What makes the difference? Usually, it