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A peek into IIM Lucknow's Manfest

 As the temperatures dip, we at IIM Lucknow get ready for our annual international business conclave Manfest (17th-19th January ’14).  Read on to know how team Manfest makes this magnum opus bigger and better with each passing year.The success mantra for Manfest: There are a whole bunch of things that

The Life Lessons I Learnt From A B-School | IIM Lucknow

With just three months left for the convocation of the Class of 2014, I reflect over the past year and a half. To say that I realized that I am no longer the person I was before the program started would be a cliché. Sadly, it is as true as

'I hope to become one of the most successful IIM L alums' - Meet Pallavi from IIM Lucknow, Founder of Indofash

At IIM L we have N number of courses that prepare us to battle it out in the world of business. But as they say, you cannot know what entrepreneurship is all about without getting into the thick of things and getting your hands dirty. From a campus which has

3 Reasons why you should intern with a Start-up : Quitting the Rat Race

Yes, that’s right, I would love to begin my career with a startup It is not that uncommon to come across a headline like this in the newspapers these days:“IIM grad says no to fat pay-cheque; starts his own company”However, anyone who has witnessed the summer placement or even a placement