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The A-B-C of Marketing a Low Budget Film in India

Current Market Scenario:India’s M&E industry is one of the fastest-developing in the country, driven by changing consumption patterns, increasing middle-income households. Making the most out of a film released in India is seen as a challenge due to a variety of reasons – “Lesser number of screens, low frequency of

Digital Marketing of a Product - 5 Trends

Digital marketing centers on the Internet, which has become both a communication vehicle and a very powerful marketing. The Internet can be used both to push a message to someone like email, IM, RSS, and voice broadcast, as well to “pull” content serving a banner ad and Pay per Click

Nokia’s new X series without Windows - What does it mean?

As the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft is coming through, Nokia has converted most of its product line to Windows Phone. The strategy behind this acquisition by Microsoft was to test whether Microsoft wanted to own make its own devices. A business model similar to what Apple has been implementing: