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We are the team behind your favourite platform.

We are the team behind your favourite platform.

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Data Analytics Quiz | Do You Have What It Takes To Earn 20% More?

LinkedIn reports that 2 out of the top 5 in-demand skills consist of Data Analytics & Visualisation skills. There’s a great boom in the use of analytics; having the ability to deal with data isn't just helpful, it's practically essential! Our research tells us that professionals with Data Analytics skills

5 Great Digital Marketing Campaigns & Why They Score So High!

Marketing is often seen as an art than a science but to see through the lens of millions of consumers and to understand what their inherent and unsaid motivations and fears are is more difficult than it sounds. However, this is exactly what marks a ‘great’ Marketer from a ‘good’

Breaking Down Supply Chain Management | A Domain That You Think You Knew But Didn’t

Supply Chains have existed since the very first product or service was produced and sold. Since then, making Supply Chain Management a strategic priority has been one of the best ways for companies to boost revenue generation and even customer satisfaction. Organizations like Ford, Walmart, Amazon, and Amul have built

Why I Received 0 Calls Despite 99.41%ile In My First CAT Attempt- Sayan, CAT' 21 99.94%ile, IIM A Co'24

Sayan Ganguly comes from a small town called Bankura in West Bengal. From his surname only, I think you have guessed his nickname in college it's 'Dada' of course! He loves painting and he has been doing that for the last 17-18 years. He graduated from Motilal Nehru National Institute