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Evolution Of Cricket And Marketing - A Parity

Cricket has experienced numerous rounds of development in the course of the most recent quite a few years. It began with only one format – Test Cricket. Excellence during this period requested characteristics, for example, tolerance, determination, specialized mastery. With the coming of the shorter ODI format, development, adaptability and

Creating An Effective Strategic Marketing Plan For Summer Placements

Strategic management significantly contributes to the success of an organization by setting the tone for all marketing strategies that are employed in the firm. One of the most important factors in an organization achieving its set goals is creating an effective strategic marketing plan. So, what is the right way

An Open Letter To First Year B-School Students

I understand that you are steadily making a transition from whatever you were doing professionally, to now pursuing an intense academic program. I am sure you must be feeling time-pressed; while the number of assignments, readings, frameworks, and concepts continues to be on the rise. I hope you have enough

Interning With Walmart India | Parth Sesodia's Story

"Walmart India owns and works 24 Best Price Modern Wholesale stores, offering almost 5,000 things in a Cash and Carry discount design. It additionally operates 3 fulfillment centers in India – Mumbai, Lucknow, and Hyderabad. Since I am enthusiastic about Brand Management, Sales and Marketing, an entry-level position Walmart India