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5 Careers Paths After MBA In Marketing

Does the idea of managing popular brands excite you? Do you want to make a career understanding consumers and creating a digital strategy? Do you want to work on market research and shape the way businesses market and sell their products? Because a career in marketing is waiting for you!

Crack The Quant Section In 59 Days - CAT 2019 | Tips From CAT Toppers, IIM Students, CAT Experts

Quant is one of the most interesting sections of the CAT. For engineers, this one is relatively easy. But for non-engineers, especially those out of touch with maths, this section can be a challenge. The quant section is a game of practise and speed. Are you prepared to crack it?

All You Need To Know About Finance Roles After An MBA

Investment banking is pretty cool right?! But it's not the only career open to you in finance. There are many interesting roles you can work in, with your MBA in Finance. Did you know that many finance roles have a strong sales angle? It’s a myth that all finance roles

The Two Step Summer Internship Prep Guide | Summer Internship Prep Made Easy

It’s that time of the year again. Summer placement interviews are upon you. Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that you started b-school? And now you’re thrown into the deep end, expected to know everything from making stellar resumes to presenting a polished front at interviews. Seems daunting right? But