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The Great Indian B School Debate Semifinal One - The Tablet Computer has no future - (IIM Trichy AGAINST)

 Ford handed the book to Arthur."What is it?" asked Arthur."The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It's a sort of electronic book. It tells you everything you need to know about anything. That's its job."Arthur turned it over nervously in his hands."I like the cover," he said. "Don't Panic. It's the

Battle #1 - Counterpunch by IIM Trichy : Valuations in the Indian E-Commerce Industry Have Become Irrational

This is an article written as a rebuttal to IIM Ranchi's opening arguments for the Great Indian B-School debate made 24 hours earlier The first paragraph of the article (IIM Ranchi) is precisely the definition of a speculative bubble, in a way exemplifying what we stated. According to Investopedia, “For most

Battle #1: Valuations in the Indian E-Commerce Industry Have Become Irrational - IIM Trichy - FOR

Bubbleˈbʌb(ə)l/ "A term used to refer to a good or fortunate situation that is isolated from reality or unlikely to last" The above graph, sourced from Google Ngram shows how the usage of the word ‘Bubble’ in books and articles (basically in everyday speech) has increased drastically since the 1980s and is

The consequences of being a no-one

This is a formal entry for the B-School debateName: Venkat IyerTeam name: Lucy in the sky with powerpointsTeam mate's name: Bhanu PArticle I am refuting:  “Many people would sooner die than think; in fact, they do so” – Bertrand RussellA bandwagon effect is when the rate of individual adoption increases with