B-School: A Place Where You Learn From Your Peers – MDI

I was coming straight from the under graduation college, where all of us used to study the same subjects, competing with each other and try to be the best. When I started my MBA it was a totally different way of learning. In our induction program, we were given a case study in groups, it was a different yet great experience. We all studied the case independently and then discussed it in the group while discussing in the group I was astonished to see how many different interpretations can be there of the same very reading. Then we made a presentation, when you are performing in a group you have a specialist for everything and when everyone performs in his or her respective strengths the end result as a group is really great.

In MBA you have peers coming from the various academic background who have previously excelled in their field. In the starting days, I used to be flabbergasted at the brilliance and capabilities of my friends and my inability to match them at anything. I used to get amused to see how a person can be good in every field be it sports, academics, dance or music. How effectively some people use to manage their time doing all the stuff was commendable. But soon I realized, It’s really a privilege to be surrounded by peers who are better than you. It’s an opportunity life has given you to learn from different people who have experiences in various fields. One needs to acknowledge the opportunity to grow oneself in such a system and surrounding. There are people who are always willing to teach you and share their secrets. One should inculcate the habit of imitating the good habits, characteristics, and qualities they observe in their peers. In a B-school, you will meet extremely talented people some of them will be a perfectionist in academics like finance, marketing, making presentations, excel, accountancy. Some of them will be brilliant in sports, public speaking, counseling peers and even handling the pressure. You should have that attitude to learn and grow before you say again – “you are surrounded by peers who are better than you”.

ABG (Aditya Birla Group)

Coming from a background in economics I possess a decent understanding of macro-level happenings in the country and how persons behave at the micro level. I am also a member of Institute and faculty of actuaries, United Kingdom and have cleared five core technical exams of actuarial science. I have the required basic understanding of insurance sector from calculating the premiums of the policies to estimating the mortality at different ages. I want to work in Birla sun life insurance to enhance my knowledge and skill set of the insurance sector while implementing the learning I had to make a stronger impact in the company.