The Beginning Of Life At IIFT

So, here I am! After a year of hard work, I have landed in one of the top B-schools of the country, the mecca of trade: IIFT. As I entered the main gate, the Wings of Wisdom with its serene face greeted me with its open arms and also filled me with awe to remind me of the challenges and the good times that lie ahead.

For a guy who has never moved out of his city and has never lived in a hostel before, this was one experience I was really looking forward to. I reached the Old Hostel (OH) and was allotted a room on the 6th floor. On reaching my room, I found a guy trying to negotiate with a cooler vendor in half-Hindi/ half-Kannada while another guy trying to translate it to the poor cooler guy who didn’t understand a thing! So this was how I met my roomies; three guys from three different parts of the world who didn’t have a common language to converse. Couldn’t have asked for more!

The next day started with the official inauguration, followed by introduction to various departments, in which we were briefed about the ground rules and how the course would be conducted. This was followed by the most awaited event of the day, meeting with IMF (student body of IIFT), who briefed us about the life at IIFT and also gave us tips to acclimatize to the rigour of a top B School. Now, terming the coursework here as rigorous would be an understatement. From morning classes and workshops to evening GL, from working on group assignments to adhering to gruelling deadlines of 23:59:59, it taught us everything that one can expect from a corporate life.

One of the most compelling part of the coursework here was the support lent to us by our seniors and their belief in the brand IIFT. The dedication with which they helped to improve us and stood by us only strengthens my notion about the culture of looking out for each other and growing together. This was something new for me as I come from a place where people only know to move forward at the expense of others. Another highlight of the hectic schedule was the late night ice tea of Nescafe and Bun Maska of Dewan Saab, which came to us as a respite to late night assignment deadlines.

So, by the end of the first week, I had attended numerous classes, took part in multiple group tasks and submitted multifarious assignments. I have lost the track of the outside world but still when I climb the stairs of the admin building and gaze at the intimidating campus ahead of me, I feel that I am at The Top of the World.


The ABGL Company which I want to work for is Hindalco Industries Limited. I chose this company because it is the biggest Aluminium rolling company in the world and also one of the largest producer of Aluminium in Asia. Since I have a background of Manufacturing in my undergraduate and also the experience of working for a manufacturing industry, combining that with the skill set I would acquire at IIFT, I believe I would be better equipped to help the company grow even further and achieve greater heights.

IIFT Placement Commitee