Believe In Yourself – Sanchari Das From NITIE – Celebrating Womanhood On InsideIIM

Sanchari Das is first year student at NITIE.


What was high school like for you? How did it contribute to your personality/ the person you are right now?

During my high school days, I never remained in one school more than 3 years, due to my father’s transferable job or family issues. Thus I lost many good friends but made better ones. Academically I always came first in class, except in milestones i.e. 10th and 12th. This was a shock as well as a learning lesson for me to never take success for granted.


If money was no object, what would you do all day?

I am from a middle-class family, so money has always been an object to me. Though it never stopped me to progress professionally in the way I wanted. So I will continue to do whatever I do now. Maybe I might adopt a more luxurious lifestyle.


What advice would you give to a 5-year-younger you?

Follow the path you want to follow. If you are sure enough of your liking, do not allow others to influence you to change your decision.


How do you think women are better equipped to deal with problems as compared to men?

Women and men have their own strengths and weaknesses. I think women can deal with emotional stuff better than men. They are mentally more strong. The way they are fighting against social stereotypes to follow their own path is really admirable.


Many IIMs and other b-schools award extra points for being a woman. What is your take on that? Do you propagate the concept OR Have you faced any backlash for the same?

I am strictly against any such privileges. Thankfully I am studying in such an institute which did not give any such extra points. I know there are many justifications in favour of this: to improve gender ratio in B-schools and corporates afterwards. But I think it doesn’t remove the problem from the core. I remember, gender ratio in coaching centre for CAT was even worse than here. Same was in JEE coaching centre. I presented doubt about how they expect more girls in B-schools if it’s so less in such centres. I was shocked my mother replied: ‘Because it’s more of wisdom to save that money for dowry than give to coaching centre’. Then why it’s logical to pay that huge amount for a boy? That mentality needs to change. Otherwise, 3-4 extra marks are not going to help.


Name one incident that you encountered where someone told you, you couldn’t do something because you’re a woman.

‘You should try to be a doctor rather than engineer as you are a woman’. ‘Fine, you’re engineer but do M.Tech instead of MBA’ Reason? You can get a job in a nearby college, will help u get a good groom, and you can run both job and house side by side easily. But I rebelled. Now it is: ‘Do PhD: as it’s not possible for a girl to continue job for more than 15 yrs.’ Shockingly, this came from my professor of B-school He is one of the most educated persons I have ever encountered. Now my goal is to prove him wrong.


If you are out on a date, do you prefer to pay yourself? If you insisted that you want to pay for yourself, how did the other person react?

Yes, I would prefer to pay for myself. Firstly, I would never go out with someone who will think otherwise. Or such situation occurs l will think him as someone with no depth in personality and will never date him again.