Blow the mic 2.0 at IIM Ranchi

IIM Ranchi’s music club, “The High Note” is an enthusiastic group of people, who Eat, Drink and Sleep MUSIC, which is often touted as the Universal Language.

Well, High Note is an adored club of the institute with many achievements to its name, which speak volumes about the caliber of the band and each of its members. The band’s conquests last year comprised Deloitte Maverick-“Battle of the Bands”, Bed Rock XLRI, Detox and much more. They have been going fairly strong, this year as well; the band registered a win at Valhalla and has even made it to the regional round of Deloitte Maverick- “War of the Bands” for the second year in a row, thus proving their musical prowess once again.

Blow the Mic is an event that High Note organizes on a frequent basis to give a chance to the IIM Ranchi students to willingly sing their heart out. And the mavericks at IIM Ranchi, bored of their mundane schedules, are certainly game for any such exciting event.

The night on 26th August, saw IIM Ranchi’s music room packed to a full house with enthusiastic singers all set to rock the mike and an audience who were willing to be all ears. With the lead guitarists of the band singing to the tunes of “I’ve got a feeling” by Black Eyed Peas, Blow the Mic 2.0 got off to a rocking start.

Thereafter, the musical night got underway and it was heartening to see so many non-singers and self-proclaimed bathroom singers rising to the occasion. Many non-singers took the event as an opportunity to shed their crowd-facing inhibitions and sang with great enthusiasm and feel. In the middle, the musical geniuses at IIM Ranchi showed up and enthralled one and all in the music room with their dulcet voices. Rappers sang in solo as well in groups. Audiences were floored by the anglicized version of Brown Rang and the collective Punjabi group rap on this number. The event that started at 10 o’clock went on till the dead of the night.

Blow the Mic 2.0 was a great success as both the participants and the audience showed up in huge numbers. While the event gave many non-singers a chance to unwind and cut loose, it also saw the upcoming breed of musical talent at IIM Ranchi enamor all and sundry. High Note’s present and future, certainly in the safest of hands….. J

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