Call Me A Dreamer – MDI Gurgaon

“Call me a dreamer

I am sure I am one

Wandering through the reigns of chaos

Meeting random souls trying to be one!”

This four lines aptly define my days here at MDI Gurgaon. I still remember the day that mail from admissions office popped up and I secured an offer at MDI, it was probably one of those days when it takes time to finally comprehend the plethora of emotions one goes through. Now it has been around a month only in these serene campus and I already get this feeling that I belong here since long back, the hustle and bustle of this place is something one cannot imagine once he steps out of the coveted MDI campus. I have always wondered how it can be a case where people get accustomed to a four hours sleep cycle and still perform to their level best and I am convinced that anything over that is a prime luxury that very few of us can avail. Being on my toes (24*7) and managing tasks through that stalking deadline has imbibed in me the conviction that nothing here waits for anything. The entire days struggle to align ones priorities and then the efforts to get them done has helped me somehow introspect my own abilities and my interests.

I believe MDI is an ecosystem in itself where survival is solely dependent upon the mutual coordination of your peers and your seniors. Whether it be class case studies or group participations even the student coordinated sessions everything seems to be designed in a way to get one going since the day he joins the campus. The most significant difference that MDI has brought in my life is that of making it real hard to divert attention towards things that are irrelevant in my life, the constant cycle of tasks keep it real simple to focus only on the things that are required. The campus we such huge statues and iconic structures gives me the feel that I belong to a legacy which has been uphold years down the line and each and every one of us strive hard to maintain its sole. I have met some amazing people here and every one of us have their own story to tell and the best part is we can feel each other shoes and walk along the same path since we here we do not leave one of us behind.

I have a very close connection with the Aditya Birla Group. My alma mater was the brainchild of GD Birla, the college that helped me grow from a shy, dependent kid to a responsible adult and building a strong personality along the way. Here, I also generated an interest in finance through electives and workshops that I personally took forward with additional learning to become a fundamental investor using my savings to build a portfolio providing good returns.

An MBA for me is a stepping stone to get into the financial world with an academic backing, and, Aditya Birla Capital being one of the best financial services provider in the country is a company I had dreamed to get into. With its vast portfolio including asset management, private equity, wealth management and a host of other services, it is the perfect platform for me to work and help realize the company’s and my potential.

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The author of this post is the Corporate Relations and Placement Committee of MDI Gurgaon.