About My Campus – IIM Rohtak

A train journey may become certainly impatient especially when the destination is so cheerful.

The Whatsapp Group (08 Batch) has been flooded with never-ending messages, as my peers enrooted to the campus. As I completed my internship at Delhi, I was mailed to report for registration on 4th June 2018. I was already excited for it for two reasons, first being it as we (08 Batch) to be the first one to join own campus of IIM Rohtak and second after 2 months of corporate life, we got the last chance to cheer student life.

The feeling of owning something is unquantifiable, after all the walls of the room was waiting for the first companion. I was sure it will smell my fragrance even after years. Soon after taking off from the train and taking an auto to the campus directly. It was all happiness despite a long train journey of 10 hours. Let me take the honor to define and present IIM Rohtak Campus for the first ever time in front of you.

Following the legacy of the old IIMs, the campus is big and sprawling one spread over 200 acres. Along with great architecture and scenic view, we were provided with state of the art infrastructure to facilitate our learning. I slowly walked into the room greeting everyone to be back. My flatmate and I had a long conversion related to our internship experience and how does one feel to be the first to shift to the new campus. Every architect has an important role in shaping an individual life at least for the short term. Mine was also shaped by some of them; the first one being the Acad Block wherein the classes are held.

The structure of the seating arrangement was semi-spherical, which was good enough to give one good corporate meets feeling. The second one is the library, where most of the silent and mused readings happen, though for brainstorming one find rooms to be more suitable. It remains open till midnight which is a must given the fact that most of our submission are done in the night. The third one is the proper space for sports which includes Cricket, Table Tennis (I am learning it here), etc. for extra-curricular apart from academics.

Further, the campus exhibits the adequate capacity and environment to conduct all its flagship events like TEDx, Infusion, Marathon, etc. The campus is well suited for a typical MBA student who goes through a rigid and soft day one after the other. Each block of the campus nurtures an unorganized, confused student to an organized and confident professional, ready to step in the corporate life.

In the end, I would say campus also plays a significant role in nurturing the life of future leaders.

Aditya Birla Capital Limited

“Being from commerce background and pursuing my majors in finance, I would like to join Aditya Birla Capital Limited as it is one of the leading NBFC in India and manages assets worth ₹2.46 trillion (US$37 billion).It is in the business of asset management, private equity, corporate finance, financial advisory services,etc. In 2017, all financial services of the Aditya Birla Group came under one brand, Aditya Birla Capital. The company came out with a strategy of a single brand, single point of contact for clients and focus on money in general in place of individual products.

As a newly strategic move by ABG, I would like being a finance major with interest in analytics and in the banking sector, I believe Aditya Birla Capital Limited gives me an opportunity to work in an industry which is the future of financial services in India.”