Careers in Oil and Gas – An Indian Perspective

Oil, the ‘black gold’ as many people call it, is the most valuable three letter word today. Speaking about India, nearly one – third of the country’s energy supply comes from Oil and it is a heart of the country’s economy. It is interesting to know that in 2011, the domestic work force serving the oil and gas industry numbered 141929 to be precise. Out of this total manpower resource, the majority were employed in the ‘oil Marketing Sector’, followed by ‘exploration and production sector’ and the ‘refining sector’.

To make the picture clear let us have a look at the major players in the Indian oil sector:-

Upstream Companies or exploration and production companies: ONGC, Oil India Limited, Reliance India Limited, Essar Oil Limited, Cairn Energy and many more.

Downstream Companies or Oil Marketing companies : IOCL, HPCL, BPCL, Reliance Industries Limited, Essar Oil Limited, Shell and others.

Transportation and Retail Companies: Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL), IOCL, Shell etc.

Oil and gas companies today offer exciting opportunities to young graduates, post graduates, and experienced professionals. Private companies like Shell, Reliance and Essar hire ‘Graduate Trainees’ as well as ‘Management trainees’ from various institutes across the nation and impart them with necessary ‘training and development’ programmes and technical skills. On the other hand, companies like ONGC and IOCL have entrance examinations for fresher’s as well as experienced candidates and also hire on ‘contractual’ basis. Further details on vacancies and opportunities are available on their respective websites.

Some of the key benefits of being employed in the Indian Oil and Gas sector are:-

– Oil and Gas sector is the back bone of the country’s economy as well as the world economy.
– High level of International exposure by working in private companies.
– High level of employee involvement and best pay packages as compared to any other industry.
– Exciting new opportunities in the form of Shale oil and Shale gas. Once, Shale production starts in India, It will create more jobs and newer opportunities. To know more about shale:
– Great ways to network with experts and other professionals through various seminars, trade shows and Conferences.
– A better work – life balance as compared to other industries.

India today stands on a crucial juncture, the Oil and gas sector being the most critical and important part of its economy. It is entirely up to us, whether to be a part of it or not!

Gaurav Agnihotri, an alumnus of IBS Mumbai (Batch 2009-11) has also written a book on Oil, titled:

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About the Book: Oil, ‘the black gold’ as many people call it, is the most valuable three letter word today. Nearly one third of India’s energy supply comes from Oil and it is a heart of the country’s economy. This book is a one stop reference point for students, professionals and anyone who wants to know the nature, the future and history of the most valuable asset of the world today. The book has been written in simple language and the concepts are easy to grasp. A common man, who wants to know more about Oil and is inquisitive, should find his answers through this book which has been published by New Delhi Publishers.

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