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Realities Of A B-School: Clubs & Committees

After months of preparation, gruelling interviews, we finally land up in a B-School. We listen to a lot of stories about what it is like to be in a B-school.

Which Consulting Firms Do IIM A, B, C & ISB Alumni Work At?

A majority of B-school aspirants want to end up getting a high paying salary and a lifestyle that justifies their hard work and money spent over the course of two

How Online MBA Amid COVID Is Different From Distance MBA

2020, the year many students would have waited for several of their reasons. For some, it was to be their graduating year; for some, the first year at college, schools,

Day 0 In An 1 Year B School Experience || Ft. Surabhi Sundram, PGPM GLIM Chennai

While in a 1-year program in B school, you intend to make the best out of every day and the same is with everyone around you. Our inflated resumes, our

10 Things To Consider Before Taking Up A Job Post MBA | MBA Career Guide, Ep 1

Are you wondering what type of roles one gets after an MBA? The question might sound tough to answer for some of you and that is why we at InsideIIM

B-School Life In A Nutshell, Ft. IIM Lucknow Alumni Niharika Gupta

Entering a B school is by far the most enriching experience that MBA aspirants look forward to. You enter your dream college with hopes in your eyes and what awaits

How A Guinness World Record Holding Tabla Player, A Dancer, And A Teacher Are Acing Their B-School Life

We have often heard stories about the cultural and gender diversity in B-schools that provides learning opportunities to students beyond classrooms. The collective learning and problem solving provide a window

Which Program Should You Take Up At XLRI?

We often go through a lot of confusing acronyms associated with B-school courses. Sometimes, it's not even clear to many what they are roping themselves into! What will be the