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Career Dilemma: How to Find Clarity? | InsideIIM Documentary

Are you clear about which career you want to pursue long term? Do you often find yourself confused?

Take A Seat In An MBA Class | Discussing An HR Case Study Ft. VBS Mumbai

In this episode of our video series Take A Seat In, we have Dr. Neerja Kashive, Associate Dean Research, at Vivekanand Business School, talking about an exciting case study on

Konversations Cafe- Pre MBA Social 2024 Is Here - Register To Get Noticed By Dream Recruiters

Your favorite opportunity to network with the leaders of companies like TAS, Colgate-Palmolive is here. And, no, it's just limited to networking. Join us to get a sense of what

Placement At BML Munjal University Decoded: Worth Joining?

In this video, we have Siddiq Aazam, the Assistant Director of the Career Guidance and Development Center at BML Munjal University, talking about the overall placement scenario for the MBA

Life of Indian MBA Students in Milan, Italy - What’s Next?

How do you feel about working in Italy on international campaigns with leading brands like Cartier?

Life Beyond Placement & RoI At A B-School | InsideIIM Documentary at SPJIMR

Welcome to the heart of the PGDM Program at SPJIMR, where ‘Abhyudaya’ unfolds as a transformative journey.

How is Life at a B-School Like? Student Vlog, Hostel Life, Fest Vibe & More Ft. Great Lakes, Chennai

MBA season is in full swing, and I bet you've got a ton of questions swirling around in your head. One of the burning queries might be, 'What's a day

Mahindra University MBA: Worth It? | Campus Life, Academics, Courses, Placement | Know Your Campus

We are all aware of the Mahindra brand and probably have been exposed to one or the other products that the legacy company has produced over the years. Now, they