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Life At FORE School Of Management | Interview With Mr. Rahul Raizada, Director @ PwC

Rahul Raizada, an alumnus of FORE School of Management, is currently working as Director in PwC. While work and life have caught up with him, he still recollects his life

MBA After 8 Years Of Work Experience - The IIM Jammu Journey

Sipping my coffee I couldn’t help but notice my BlackBerry beeping with its iconic red notification light. Turning attention away from the conversation I saw the mail from IIM Jammu,

SBM Tides : A Poem That Captures The MBA Life At NMIMS Mumbai

SBM Tides...! Lush Green with a deep roof

A Bit More Than Just An MBA - Samartha Agarwal, MDI Gurgaon

After close to two years of working in an IT MNC, I was all pumped up about my MBA journey. On 1st May 2019, MDI announced its final shortlisted candidates

Connecting The Dots Of My Life At TISS

Like a canvas, the blueprint of any organization's success is contingent upon the interplay of people- its teams that trigger success. Leadership as a skill sounded far more complicated than

How Samaritans, The Social Initiatives Club Of MDI Gurgaon Is Bringing Smiles On Campus!

Samaritans, the social initiatives club of MDI Gurgaon has a clear agenda which is to bring smiles to the faces of those who need it the most. We conduct activities

A Peek Into The Student Interest Groups (SIGs) Of MDI Gurgaon

MDI Gurgaon provides innumerable opportunities in terms of participation in several activities including live projects, competitions and cultural events. Behind the successful implementation of the several activities held at MDI

Do What You Love; Money Will Come Ft. Sanjeeb Kakoty, IIM Shillong

What makes one the Professor of the Year? Is it their way of teaching? Their connection with students? Or simply the way their mind functions, which inadvertently inspires their students?