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You Can Change How B-School Recruitment Takes Place

As a B-school student, how do you figure out a company's culture, the number of people they are hiring, what scope you can have when you join and how the

You Expect An AC Office After Studying Finance But I Was Roaming In the Sun, Ft. Sakshi G, Tata Play

Who doesn’t remember the Jingalala Ads from the early 2000s? Tata Play made its way to the Indian household through these ads and grew exponentially. Times have changed, and with

XIM, Bhubaneswar | Campus Life & Beyond

Established in 1987 by the joint efforts of the Governments of Odisha, India, and the Society of Jesuits, Xavier Institute of Management is a premier business school that carries its

Why I Chose IIM Udaipur Over Other B-Schools | Life At IIM U - Abhishek Chakraborty

Why did I choose IIM Udaipur over any other B-School?IIM is a dream for every MBA aspirant. So, it was for me. The result day was indeed special for me

B-School Starter Kit - All You Need To Know Before Starting Your MBA

Here is the ultimate starter-kit to prepare you for your 2-year MBA journey - from what to buy before you join your campus to the top book recommendations by B-school

Want To Make A Sales & Marketing Career? Secret Behind Building Trusted Brands From Reckitt Leaders

Brands are not built in a day. Through constant efforts, carefully led out strategies, understanding customer pain points, target audience, tracking data and countless other variables are associated with building