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A Booming Market of Data Analytics Skills, Salaries Topping INR 50 LPA!

Even before the dawn of computers, it is an unspoken fact that data has always been a valuable asset to businesses. From storing data in ledgers & files to backing

21 Data Analytics Interview Questions You Should Prepare For

Job Interviews! We can assure you that they’re not everyone’s cup of tea and most of us were thrown off guard either by a tough question or by unawareness of

How Can You Get 20% Higher Salaries With This One Must-Have Skill?

Snapshot: There are currently over 86,000+ open jobs in India that require Data Analytics skills. In most cases, these jobs are not necessarily titled "Data Analysts" but are functional roles.

A FREE Interview Guide That No Supply Chain Management Job-Seeker Should Miss!

Have you ever wondered how your favorite fast food restaurants manage their inventory & deliver your meal on time? Or have you ever walked into a clothing store & wondered

8 Eye-Opening Trends About How Data Analytics Will Shape Your Careers In 2022

Data analytics is the buzzword right now! In India, its growth is largely driven by the exponential growth in internet penetration. This huge jump in users is generating massive amounts

Data Analytics Quiz | Do You Have What It Takes To Earn 20% More?

LinkedIn reports that 2 out of the top 5 in-demand skills consist of Data Analytics & Visualisation skills. There’s a great boom in the use of analytics; having the ability

Data Analytics To Create 11 Mn+ Jobs By 2026 | Here’s How You Can Get Hired

Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created, and the rate is only increasing. And as per a report by two scientists at the University of California, in today’s