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Why Do Marketing Firms Prefer Freshers?

The first thing that strikes us when we think about fresher's is the energetic, raw perspective. The new brain, the personalities which are not stalled by the pressing factor of

From IIM Bangalore To Becoming A BCG Consultant, Ft. Kajal F, Ex D E Shaw

In this new video series PPO Journeys, Manas Sathe, an incoming BCG consultant, spoke to many fresh B-school graduates who got into dream companies after the successful completion of their

Secrets To Cracking Summer Placements At McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Ft. IIM A, B Students

Get a glimpse into B-school life with our new YOBO S03 Series - and discover how to make the most of B-school because You Only B-School Once! This week, we delve

The Art of Resume Building: Download Free Resume Template

Are you tired of sending out resumes and never hearing back from employers? Do you feel like your resume is being lost in a black hole? We conducted a webinar

How Picky Are Consulting Firms With Candidate CVs & How Can You Sneak In?

We're not here to tell you that a CV is crucial for Consulting roles as it is a known fact. However, the aim here is to emphasize its importance. Over

10 Most Frequently Asked Corporate Finance Interview Questions & Their Best Answers!

A career in corporate finance allows you to be at the heart of how a corporation runs and grows. It is the function that helps the organizations arrange funds for

You Can Change How B-School Recruitment Takes Place

As a B-school student, how do you figure out a company's culture, the number of people they are hiring, what scope you can have when you join and how the

Questions Asked During Placements By Top Recruiters - InsideIIM's Placement Prep Series

Now that you have entered your dream B-School, the first major professional milestone that you should look forward to is your Summer Placement. You will now be competing with some