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What Makes FinTech One Of The Hottest Sectors To Work In?

Have you ever dreamt of working in an industry which will triple its market valuation to USD 150 billion in the next 5 years? If you have your eyes set

Meet The Reckitt Global Challenge National Winners & Runners Up | Your Chance To Win Big. Register Now!

Reckitt Global Challenge is back for another season of purpose-driven ideas! Here’s your chance to be part of the longest-running B-school innovation competition. If you have an entrepreneurial mind and

How Difficult Is It To Crack Online GDs For Placement Interviews? Ft. IIM K & XLRI Students

Group Discussions have been the downfall of many great candidates. In a virtual setup that gets enough tougher. It is natural for one to be anxious about how to go

10 Interview Secrets That Can Help You Get Your Dream Job

How do I land into my dream job ? What can I say to impress the recruiter? How do I stand out from the crowd? We are sure all these

Top Banks That Have The Most IIM ABCLIK, ISB, XLRI, FMS Alumni Working In Them | IIM Alumni Records

Banking and Finance is one of the top priority sectors that B-school students want to be part of. Not just the interest, but the heavy pay packets and the lifestyle

Which Consulting Firms Do IIM A, B, C & ISB Alumni Work At?

A majority of B-school aspirants want to end up getting a high paying salary and a lifestyle that justifies their hard work and money spent over the course of two

The Shocking Reality of Placements At IIMs

Are MBA students forced out of the placements process? If yes, why? How credible are the recruitment figures in the placement reports that business schools publish on their websites? How