Celebrating Womanhood On InsideIIM – Jasmeen Malhotra – FMS Delhi

A Very Happy Women’s Day to all the ladies out there !!!!!

Not that we would wait for Woman’s Day to celebrate the spirit and power of women on our management campuses, still we thought its good time to present some stories of women who have done it all.

Meet Jasmeen Malhotra  from FMS Delhi

Read on to find out more –

1. To start with, tell us your background.

I am a lawyer from Sydney, Australia. I moved to India for family reasons, and I chose not to practice law in India but to pursue an MBA instead.

2.What makes you think that you stand out of the crowd?

In an environment that is dominated by engineers, and where the collective skill-set is largely quantitative and numerical, I think I bring a different set of competencies to the table. Legal analysis brings a qualitative depth to any discussion and can help shed fresh new light on a situation.

3. How do you think doing an MBA has added value to your persona?

The MBA program at FMS has constantly encouraged me to push out further the “production possibilities frontier” of my capabilities. Sleep deprivation, public speaking, up to twenty hours of work a day and, for me, calculus are a few of the once-petrifying conditions under which I’ve been encouraged to continue to perform at my best. I’m no longer daunted by these challenges, and I eagerly look forward to those I have yet to face.

4. If you were a leader, how will you make a difference?

There is a vital but oft-understated role for compassion in our business environment. In getting right the precarious balance between authority and compassion, business leaders almost invariably tend to err on the side of authoritative leadership styles. However, not only does showing compassion foster better relations amongst our team members and boost morale, I think it actually makes good business sense too. In a time when productivity improvements are desperately sought after, my experience tells me all that is needed for most of the talented folk around us to perform at their best and go that extra mile, is a little appreciation and understanding.

I think another important thing for us to note is that compassion is not a feminine trait – it is a human virtue that is admirable when displayed by any gender.

5. What according to you is the essence of being a woman?

There is no natural intellectual, mental or spiritual distinction between the genders. If some essence” of our gender has emerged, then it is the collective shared history of being suppressed and subjugated over millennia of civilised life, the long-term assimilation into our beings the social conditioning that has relegated us to an inferior status in, literally, every civilised society since prehistory. The ability to persist, to overcome, to endure; that resilience, that spark, that fighting spirit, that gleam in the eye that is only seen in those who have suffered, that, if anything, is the essence of womanhood.