Choices Should Be Clear Before You Look Into Options In An MBA Journey

When it comes to preparation of MBA, it is not only limited to just practising the study material and crack the exam. In fact, one must know what his/her interests are and in what areas he/she want to take their career ahead. Aspirants with no prior work experience also appear for the EXAM and have no clear picture about the domains in MBA. For such aspirants, it becomes necessary to get the understanding of at least 2-3 domains. There are freshers who might have done their graduation Internship in a startup that has different functions like Finance, Marketing, and Operations etc and these people at least have understanding of the different verticals in a MBA journey. But if this is not the case, then it become very difficult to choose specific vertical for your MBA and it would be unwise to choose a random domain.

In this article, I am talking about the mistake aspirants usually do when they start their journey and that one mistake can lead to a serious problem if you make the false choice in hurry.

This one mistake which is generally made by most of the MBA aspirants from the beginning of their MBA journey  is Core domain of their choice. Of course, one should be clear in the choice of the domain in which they want to pursue their MBA. But, as they say, “You should always have a B-Plan”, in fact, I will call it a “Smart B Plan”. Why? (Find Later in the post)

When you start your MBA journey, you start studying from your core domain interest and give less time to other domains, it is not a smart way to take things ahead. Though you get a good hold on that particular domain but you end up with committing one major mistake by limiting yourself in one domain only. Why I am saying this is because during the summer placements once you start getting shortlists and suppose you have also applied in a company of another domain (which you will do), what if you get shortlist then what you are going to do at that time. In fact, HR answers play a major role in your summer placements. So instead of going into one particular field in starting you can start with a basic understanding of other domains as well so that if later during your journey you want to change your domain then you will find easy to do the same.

Also, even if you are so sure about your interest area then too one must take other subjects into consideration because it is wise to have a mix of subjects and you get a good hold and understanding in all other subjects. Remember what you all had answered during your MBA interview (Why MBA? – To get the knowledge of all the different aspects of Business and Management). One more reason why I said about the knowledge and preparation of other domains as well. When you go for your summers, sometimes you find out other verticals interesting to work and can easily understand if you know those areas too.

So, think smartly before you make this choice because your career is the outcome of this choice and no one wants to commit the mistakes again and again (like most of us do when we make choice after 12th).