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How A Steel Factory Works To Help In Nation-Building

Ever wondered what goes inside the houses that you stay or the highways on which you drive every day to reach office! Steel has always been a building block of

Epilepsy Turned Me Into A Dark And Brooding Personality - Sharmishta S, XLRI Jamshedpur

Epilepsy is a disorder that puts people in a condition where they are not in control of the nerve cell activity in the brain. The aftereffect of it is the

Depression Reached To A Level Where I Decided To End My Life - Gayathri S, XLRI Jamshedpur

Mental health is often the most neglected when we are put to a grind. For Gayathri, it became too much to handle during her undergraduate years. Studying away from family,

Think Tata Steel Is People Friendly? Opinion Poll

Healthy workplace endeavours to produce the best output for any organization. And to make the workplace lively and thriving the backbone is erected through HR policies. A people’s organization always

From Death's Door To Cracking CAT And IIM Kozhikode | Saathwik Chandan

Saathwik met with an accident at a time when he was planning to change the course of his life. With an intent to get into one of the IIMs he

'I Found That No One Had Even Heard About The Word LGBTQ' | Diversity At TATA Steel

An organization thrives with the contribution of people coming in and putting their perspectives at the forefront. It thus becomes imperative to welcome people from different backgrounds and creating an

How I Said No To Marriage For My MBA Preparation Ft. Pallawi Singh | IIM Kozhikode

‘Beti baadi ho gayi hai, shaadi kab karwa rahe hai’, could be the most heard line by any Indian parent, when their daughters reach their 20s. The age is even

From IIM Shillong To Tackling Challenges In The Corporate World | Ft. Deepam Sahu, TATA Steel

For B-school graduates, just out of college, it becomes vital to understand the DNA of a company they are getting into. Knowing the values and understanding what makes them different

How An XLRI Alum Pursued His Passion To Nurture India's Future Sporting Stars | Atul Kumar, TATA Steel

In the pursuit of day to day academics, oftentimes sports take a back seat. Marrying both sports and academics becomes a challenging task to fathom. But have you ever wondered

The Human Capital At Tata Steel Over The Years

Tata Steel has a countrywide presence with pants at multiple locations.  Started operations in Jamshedpur with 225-acre land in the heart of the city. The lush green campus with many

Tata Steel Internship- A dream come true

To be able to intern at a Prestigious Company like Tata Steel Limited was a dream come true. I sat for campus placements but also applied to Companies through external

"Accounts & Finance Internship" at the company of "FATHER OF INDIAN STEEL INDUSTRY"

Today, We all are running to achieve our goals, but what are our true goals?? Do we care about where are we heading? What are we going to pursue in