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Rough Sailing And Smooth Anchoring At TATA Steel - Summer Internship Experience

Some companies are humungous, many are profitable, quite a few are innovative but only a handful manage to be all of this and much more – “A Legacy”. These were

Summers At Tata Steel - Kanupriya Phalke, IIM Indore

It started on a stressful afternoon in the month of September, the days that we dearly call "the Summers". Surprisingly, the GD and interview were the exact opposite of stressful.

Tata Steel - A Furnace Of Unique Learning - Summer Internship Experience

Summers is an exciting time in the B-school journey. I too had a mixed bag of feelings and notions about the company and place I was going to. It started

"Being A Good Person Comes Before Being A Successful One" - Summer Internship At TATA Steel

Being a freshman in college isn’t the most ideal thing, especially when it comes to summer internship placements.

Broadening The Horizons – Summers At Tata Steel

It is often said that if you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life and this is what I experienced during my two-month

Internship At Tata Steel (Supply Chain & Logistics ) - Nikita Khetan, IIFT Kolkata

One of the most awaited moments for a 1st year MBA student after their fresher's party is their summer placements and the internship. This wait ended for me when I

An Ode To My Summer Internship At TATA Steel

In the roller-coaster ride of a time-crunched course called MBA, a summer internship is a perfect mix of responsibility, exposure, and pressure. I was lucky enough to intern with the

Path-Breaking Innovation And Career Defining Internship Experience At Global Marketing Headquarters, Tata Steel - Chandan Arunachalam

When it is your first corporate stint, what are the words that define your desires? Brand value, decent pay, awesome work culture, multinational... All these words encompassed and were deeply

An Attempt At 'Steeling' The Show - My Internship Experience At Tata Steel - Choudhury Neha Dash - IIM Indore

I have outlined this piece (I will call it a show though) into 8 important scenes from my 8 weeks at Tata Steel. Hope you have a good read.

Trysting With Tata Steel - Rupali Patro's Internship Experience - IIM Lucknow

As I gaze into my keyboard to pull together words expounding my brief tryst as a summer intern with Tata Steel, this intense quote spoken by the divine Billy McMohan

Proving My Mettle At Tata Steel – Palak Agarwal’s Internship Experience – IIM Rohtak

It was 18th November 2015, the day of Chatth Puja (a festival dedicated to sun god), when the result of summer placement process of Tata Steel was declared. I couldn’t believe