The Indian Steel Industry was born in 1907 when a pioneering idea of Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata to make India ‘steel sufficient’ was implemented and Asia’s first fully integrated steelmaking operations

Mind Over Matter

If you're as smart as you think you are, here's your chance to win the opportunity to be mentored by top R&D experts at Tata Steel for a 2-month internship. Launched in 2014, Mind over Matter challenges the sharpest and smartest engineering students in the country's top institutes, with real-life problems related to steel-making. The winning teams are then invited to Tata Steel to create prototypes of their ideas under the mentor-ship of the Tata Steel R&D team.


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The Human Capital At Tata Steel Over The Years

Tata Steel has a countrywide presence with pants at multiple locations.  Started operations in Jamshedpur with 225-acre land in the heart of the city. The lush green campus with many

Tata Steel Internship- A dream come true

To be able to intern at a Prestigious Company like Tata Steel Limited was a dream come true. I sat for campus placements but also applied to Companies through external

"Accounts & Finance Internship" at the company of "FATHER OF INDIAN STEEL INDUSTRY"

Today, We all are running to achieve our goals, but what are our true goals?? Do we care about where are we heading? What are we going to pursue in

Rough Sailing And Smooth Anchoring At TATA Steel - Summer Internship Experience

Some companies are humungous, many are profitable, quite a few are innovative but only a handful manage to be all of this and much more – “A Legacy”. These were

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