A Day In The Life Of A PGPM Section B Student – MDI

This is the day in life of a PGPM section B student at MDI. The day starts at 8:30 with a class of legal aspects of business. He like most of us were awake till 4 last night, putting in the last-minute efforts on an assignment that had to be submitted by 4:30 am. By now he has come to the facts that even four hours of sleep is a luxury. As a habit, he had kept 5 alarms in his phone, but unlike his engineering college where he waited till his last alarm to wake up, here at MDI first alarm alone is sufficient knowing that he is even two minutes late in class, the LAB professor would ensure that entire class give him an applause of shame.

He gets ready after an endless wait for finding an empty bathroom in his hostel, and steps into the mess to have his breakfast. There are aloo parathas in menu. He picks only one and remembers his home where he could eat parathas endlessly but can’t even imagine having a second here. Things have changed. He rushes to the class. Legal aspects of Business has been a surprise for him. He could have never though before coming to MDI that he would start loving a subject on law. He wonders whether he should have studied law instead of engineering.

Next the class he likes the most, marketing planning. He is excited about the discussion on the case study on ‘Cola wars’ scheduled for this class. Luckily, he gets a turn to present his work to class this time, the perspectives from his classmates and professor are something that he has really started to value after being a little resistive to the criticism of his work. As always there was entertainment in class as the professor caught a student dozing as per ritual was made to perform a dance for the class.
There is some time to lunch so he thinks of catching up on sleep, but then remembers that his mentor from senior batch has called him for discussing his preparation for summer placements.  After refining some of his answers to common interview question based on the senior’s suggestions, he grabs a quick lunch and then catches up with his friends. Since it’s Tuesday, the dinner plans are made knowing the mess menu of the day was the worst among all days.

Accounting class post lunch is something he has just not been able to come to terms with. Being an engineer, accounting is a tough nut for him to crack, but luckily, he has a CA as the roommate who has become his savior to get through in this course. He somehow manages to keep his eye open through the lecture. Just as he was coming out of the lecture hall he receives an email form the placement committee informing him of Industry lecture by one of his dream company. To make a good impression, he dresses up in suit and goes through the list of question he had already prepared to be asked in the session. The session was beyond his expectations. Pumped up by the words of the speaker he decides to devote himself to excel in his career, but first, the Inter section sports festival is on he has two important matches to play. Winning lawn tennis match against section A was easy, but he had to sweat out in his basketball match.

He gets back to his room and by now he is very hungry. He freshens up and orders pizza with his friends as decided previously. Post savoring Pizza, it’s time for group meetings. First, he meets his section group and discusses the case studies of organizational behavior and marketing scheduled for next class. Next up he meets his three-membered team that have been working together on corporate competitions. A new competition is opening soon and they make their plans for how they were going to target it.
It’s 11 pm already, but he has one final duty for the day as the part of MART club to open the student-run cooperative store for half and hour so that all the hungry souls on campus can stock up on biscuits, chips and cold drinks for the night.
At last, his gets to his room and open his laptop to complete his presentation for getting admitted to marketing club at MDI and writing the 5 page report on ‘business communication’ as a part of that course. He watches an episode of friends as he always does to relax and sleeps midway through it.


I would like to work with ABG group companies like Grasim Industries limited or Aditya Birla Chemicals limited because of my graduation degree in chemical engineering and experience as an operations manager for over two and half years in a chemical manufacturing company, GSFC. I am excited with the fact how chemical products manufactured by the above-mentioned companies literally touch lives of all our people in some form or another. Growing up in a town centered around a sugar mill, I was always fascinated by the process of converting a raw material into a product that has a potential to transform our lives. The opportunity during my graduation to intern with IOCL helped develop this interest in chemical manufacturing further. My work experience has given me an opportunity to develop a deep understanding of working of chemical industry and I would be able to use this knowledge to excel at companies like Grasim.

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The author of this post is the Corporate Relations and Placement Committee of MDI Gurgaon.