‘Design Thinking and its importance’ by Mr. Anbu Rathinavel, SVP, Scope International, a Standard Charted subsidiary

On the 12th of November and under the renowned Vaarta’15 guest lecture series, Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur had the honor of hosting Mr.AnbuRathinavel, Senior Vice President, Scope International, a Standard Charted subsidiary. He delivered an enthralling lecture on the “Design Thinking and its importance” and thus marked a glorious end to the guest lecture series of the autumn semester,2015.

He gave an innovative start to the lecture by asking the students about the key points they look forward to take away from the lecture. The humongous response from the student community to this start, had set the platform high to what followed to be an enticing lecture.

Mr. Rathinavel briefed his background and emphasized on the importance on teaching and his interest in motivating the young minds. The emotional style questionnaire distributed to the students gave a chance to each one of the students to introspect the different dimensions of the personality. It pushed everyone to take a different perspective to problem solving.

Mr.Rathinavel, then, moved on to talk about the design thinking and its importance in the current dynamic business scenario by alluding to a plethora of real time examples. Precisely, the elaborate explanation of how the Ipod filled in the space of the mobile music substantiated the importance of empathizing with the end user.

The awes truck audience listened intently to the theory of applying the design thinking to one’s own life. He further stressed on the importance of thinking out of the box and away from the obvious. Mr. Rathinavel had put forward a very comprehensive explanation of how design thinking is human centered. He related the design thinking to the most fundamental requirements of innovation such as the business viability, the technological feasibility and the people desirability. He presented a simple yet powerful chain of design thinking which starts at the empathizing with the end user and ends at the testing of the prototype.

The inspiring and the riveting guest lecture series of the autumn semester,2015 came to a glorious end with Mr.Rathinavel’s engrossing and informative guest lecture. The student community derives the best out of this thought provoking lecture and these valuable insights will go a long way with the audience.

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