Dhruva ’16 IIM Trichy: A Business And Cultural Extravaganza

Since its inception in 2011, IIM Tiruchirappalli (IIMT) has successfully established two brands of events, Management Fest- Arcturus & Cultural Fest- Rhythm, which are acclaimed across prestigious institutes in the country. This October, IIM Trichy is set to witness a new beginning playing host to the biggest event in its history. The Dhruva’16 will be IIM Trichy’s latest flagship event, bringing together its Management and Cultural Fests.

IIM Trichy’s fests have attracted virtuoso talents displaying relentless competition and unforgettable spectacles over the years. With Dhruva, IIM Trichy plans to include more events and garner wider participation, with the amalgamation being bigger and better than its predecessors and attracting an all-time high attention. Dhruva will be a mélange representing a celebration of culture and a war of business wits.

IIM Trichy has always valued the importance of hands-on experience and has provided a constructive environment to supplement management theories and enhance the learning experience of students. Apart from the flagship events across business domains like marketing, operations, finance and HR organised by the academic clubs of the institute, Dhruva will have a plethora of cultural events coordinated by the various extra-curricular clubs as well.

To add some flavor and spice Dhruva will also play host to the Bangalore based band, Lagori, well-known for their powerful yet soulful music that reflects the modern Indian youth. The event is scheduled to be held from 21st to 23rd of October at IIM Trichy.