Dream Companies – Final Part – InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2015

We close this year’s slew of survey reports with one of its most awaited sections: the list of “dream companies” which all of us aspire to (or have aspired to) work for at some point in our careers. Given the natural order of minimizing entropy, MBA students tend to focus on specific domains while making critical career choices. However, there are a few companies that transcend the barriers of domains/sectors and are representative of the ultimate pinnacle of achievement, with which most of the individuals in this trade attach a lot of importance. In this regard, one must truly acknowledge the achievements of the firms that enjoy such an exalted status as they have not only succeeded in catching the B-school ‘pulse’ but also have repeated doing so year after year. The time-tested stories regarding how students have burnt a lot of midnight oil to prepare that “perfect CV” which can fetch them a short-list from one of their “dream companies” further corroborate the immense appeal enjoyed by these firms. In fact, given the basic tripartite segregation underlying our survey, the significant extent of overlap between the lists for the different respondent segments (witnessed in the past editions) does succeed in driving home the fact that breaking into the list is nigh impossible. So, has the overlap rolled into this edition of the survey as well? Let’s find out!

Methodology: A simple open-ended question “Which are your top 5 dream companies?” was posited to all the three respondent categories. This was followed by a simple aggregation, upon which the final results are based.

A segmented method has been utilized for the different respondent segments in order to minimize the information asymmetry entailed herein. While post-MBA professionals are bound to have a deeper understanding of their chosen domain primarily due to first-hand experience, 1st year students & MBA aspirants would base their views upon media reports and other publicly disseminated information. In fact, the latter category would in all probability not know even the intricacies of the different roles offered under the umbrella of the broad domain. The Class of 2016 would essentially possess a level of understanding intermediate to the two categories mentioned earlier. Thus, the segregation should abet in making the results more cogent.

Post-MBA professionals

Top 5



Top 10p6

The common leitmotif which has bound the different bits of the survey thus far finds expression here as well, as the finance sector has managed to break into the top 10 this year despite a conspicuous absence in the previous edition. In fact, both Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs have managed to route other sectors to gain a top 5 billing. The other big news is that TAS has climbed up 6 positions from last year to top this year’s list, which bears testimony to the positive perception enjoyed by the firm owing to their renewed investment in their employees. Apart from that, this year has seen a relatively weaker performance from the consulting sector with only McKinsey being able to secure a top 10 berth.

Class of 2016

Top 5



Top 10


Hats off to HUL and P&G for bagging the top 2 honours once again this year! The rest of the list looks drastically different however. Firstly, the list is characterized by a weakening of the technology/E-commerce sector with only Microsoft holding a top 10 slot. Secondly, although consulting firms dominate the list (with all the big 3 making it to the top 10), it is indeed surprising to find McKinsey placed behind BCG and Bain despite being popularly touted as “The Firm”.


MBA aspirants and 1st year students

Top 5



Top 10


This brand equity-driven list has really proffered no shocks per se with McKinsey and Goldman Sachs capturing the first and second positions respectively. Apart from this, a shout out to Citi for managing to secure a top 10 berth despite not featuring in any of the 3 lists last year. The evergreen marketing behemoths HUL and P&G have managed to hold onto the guard by virtue of a top 10 showing this year as well.



The overlap between the lists has said it all: the dream companies have done it yet again! Constant fixtures like HUL, P&G, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey and TAS have proven beyond doubt that they have been doing something right for eons. More specifically, a careful analysis of the list will highlight that the standing of the different companies isn’t directly tied to the pay-packages offered by them. Thus, we may conclude without any doubt that employer branding packs in more punch than a fat paycheque.