Exchange of Cultures at IIFT: Inbound Exchange

Life at a B-school is waking up every morning the way a lion does only to realize that it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle. When the sun comes up, you better start running. And it is a rather long run, two years to be exact.


Here at IIFT, like every other institution of education, a day begins with classes and ends with a constant flurry to finish the assignments and presentations. And all this along with a constant check on attendance. It tests a student’s ability to manage time and multitask to finish the plethora of tasks in due time.


But fear not thee, as cynical as the article sounds so far. Life at IIFT is more than just that. Apart from the constant fear of being busted, our life mainly revolves around three things – parties, dhabas and GAS. Rest assured these two years will be Fun!


One of the most culturally enriching experiences here is the student exchange. IIFT conducts student exchange programs with some of the leading institutions across the world. The exchange program has really picked up in the past few years. As outbound students, candidates learn about the host country, its culture and adapt to completely different environment. Inbound students to IIFT are exposed to the multi-cultural and diversified environment of our country.


A French inbound student, just about to leave, has spent a full academic year at the institute. She has already picked up the local culture and knows Hindi “thoda thoda”. She has been a great help to everyone in the French assignments. She is also a regular at all the sports (incuding Poker nights). From wearing sarees and bargaining for matching accessories at the roadside markets to playing Holi; she has done it all. She will now be taking a part of India with her to France and leave a part of her with us here in India.


The faculty exchange program initiated lately is also helping several faculty members obtain access to resources and thus gain out of the process.


So, life here might be hectic, fast –paced or fun according to different people in different proportions but one thing is for sure that it is a life changing experience for everyone. You learn more from people and the mixture of cultures around you in B-schools than anything else.


– Ishan Arora

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