The Feeling Of Appreciation In My First Class At IIM Rohtak

IIM Rohtak, a brand that will accompany me even when my shadow would leave me is the oldest of the new IIMs and was established in 2009 but started its academic from June 2010. Today, after 9 years of its inception it stands tall in giving excellent brains to the corporate world across all the domains, be it Marketing or Finance or Operations or HR.  It is the first IIM in north India and the only IIM in National Capital Region.

June 29, 2017, the day I stepped in this premier institute with a lot of expectations and emotions to prove myself and to compete with the best brains of the country. After a few days of induction processes, there I was in my first academic lecture of the IIM Curriculum. And to add excitement and nervousness, the class was of Marketing Management-I and the faculty was the most respected and experienced person of Marketing Department. “He is a man of principles, time punctual and will teach you by giving live examples so the class will be highly interactive”, is the feedback that I had for the faculty from my seniors.

08:45 am (assigned time for lecture), and the faculty bolted the entrance door and there we were, a classroom with 61 students from different cities of the country with a lot to learn from the faculty. As the class progresses, he opened up after a brief introduction of the students and the first concept he taught was MARKETING MYOPIA. The academic curriculum had a grading component of class participation so everyone of us was excited and eager to earn as much of participation marks as we can.

Faculty was listening each one of us of what we were saying, either correct or incorrect and was giving an affirmative nod only. All of a sudden, after hearing my answer to his question, he took a pause and asked the class to listen what I said earlier as a reply to his question and said, “INKO DIJIYE TAALIYAN”, (lets clap for him). Then I realized that I had replied correctly to his question and that was his style of appreciating to a perfect answer. That feeling of accomplishment and proud and his words, “INKO DIJIYE TAALIYAN”, made my day and gave me encouragement to perform well ahead.

It’s been a year in IIM Rohtak and learned 3 different subjects from the same faculty. I received my claps and clapped for many others but that feeling of getting appreciated on the very first day of IIM Curriculum is still fresh in my minds which inspire me to do better and better.

ABG company

If given a chance, I will work for Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited which comes under branded apparel sector.

The company has a lot of well-known brands under their belt. To name such a few are Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Allen Solly, Peter England, People, Pantaloons, Hackett London and many more.

Working in this sector will expose me to what I have learnt in my B-school viz. Consumer Behavior, STP of my brand in lieu to my competitors, utilizing first mover advantage if any, changing trends and accordingly changing my marketing strategy of products, a proper research of market and fashion trends.

Hence working in this field will help me in exploring in practical what I have learnt and I can contribute a lot for the firm.