The First Month At MDI Gurgaon

Management Development Institute! These words will not just define the next two years but my entire lifetime. It’s been only one month here and I believe I have performed on levels I never knew even existed and learned more things than I ever had. Living and studying with some of the best minds in my country, the kind of peer-to-peer learning experienced here is unmatchable. The presence of a strong alumni base and exceptional faculty at this institute ensures a wholesome learning experience. Before coming to MDI, I had mentioned multi-tasking as one of my strengths in my interviews and applications to other B-School but in the past month, I have realized I never really knew what multi-tasking was. Attending classes and completing assignments of seven different subjects, preparing and attending different industry exposure sessions, managing the major upcoming cultural event (keeping in mind there could be a surprise quiz the next day), cheering for my team during the sport events and then celebrating the victory, studying the case for a national level competition, keeping myself updated and preparing myself for the upcoming placement season, all in a single day! That’s what life is like in a B-School. It is overwhelming but trust me when I say this, it is an exhilarating experience! My family members are worried on a regular basis because of my sleep schedule but little can I make them realize that my dreams do not let me sleep anymore and power naps refuel my energy way more quickly than a full night’s sleep. Getting into a formal suit within a couple of minutes did not even seem remotely possible, but at MDI, nothing is impossible! I laugh at myself when I recall the days before joining MDI back at my place, how I was worried about numerous things regarding my college but have a hard time now remembering any. For me, MDI is not just an institute, it is an experience on a whole, which I believe will be the most memorable one in the journey of my entire life and it will never truly be possible for me or anyone to put this experience down in words.

I would like to work with Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited as I want to be involved with a firm which provides me with challenges in the marketing domain. Moreover, fashion industry has never seemed to take a back seat in my head since childhood.