GD Monday – ‘Red Vs Green’ – Week 8

GD Monday is in full swing in its 8th week.

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This week’s abstract topic is ‘Red Vs Green’. Discuss.




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Shubham Shah

Red and green; society & nature have wired these two colors so deeply into our subconsciousness that no other two colors share such a connection of opposing meanings as these two.
One of the most obvious examples of this connection is a color code used worldwide in standard traffic lights. We all know what these colors mean and we know how to react to them. However, the connection and meaning is not always as clearly defined as a set of traffic lights.
Let us take another example of Stock Market, on share price display screens, red mean that a share’s price has gone down, where green means that a share price has risen. But in the Chinese Stock Market, it is opposite because Red is lucky color to them, that is why their national flag is red in color.
As we all know China and Pakistan relation are friendly, whether in defence or border issues and yet both flags are red and green simultaneously.
So in general idea, they are the two colors which were meant to distinguish or maintaining similarity on one belief to another. If seen by science perspective the wavelength of both the colors are different which are visible to us, so they are looking different but both are a part of white color which symbolise peace.

Team Insideiim

Nice start Shubham. A variety of ideas – traffic lights, stock market, politics – just pray that you get to speak for so long. In Gds like this it often becomes a fish market as everyone wants to talk since facts don’t really matter nor structure to an extent. 7/10

Dyuti Haldar

green and red are often used to signify contrasting views. In many different scenarios both colours represent positive as well as negative things. We associate jealousy with the green eyed monster whereas we associate red with love or passion. At the same time we say green signifies prosperity (take our tricolour for instance) whereas red is used as a sign for danger. In many game shows,red signifies a worng answer and green the correct one. Colour palettes are often used by interior designers to create the apperance of a room according to the requirement of their clients. Red and green signify opposite sides of the colour palette : red ,predominantly a warm colour is supposed to make large rooms appear cozier and warm because they draw our eyes closer ; in contrast , green is a cool colour which is supposed to make small rooms appear bigger . For a balanced diet doctors ask the patients to add colour in their food ; while green veggies are important tomatoes ,carrots ,apples are essential too. All the colours of the rainbow together add to the beauty of it , without either of these colours it would be incomplete

Team Insideiim

Interesting perspective Dyuti. You have given brilliant examples to show contrasts and how both colours are used. The latter half is not that interesting but still good job. 7/10

Ridhi Arora


Team Insideiim

Hi Ridhi, the problem here is how you’ll be able to commmunicate this properly in a GD – it makes for better reading than a speech in a GD. Interesting philosophical angle. 5.5/10

Ankit Maheshwari

Whenever we speak of colours, with each colour there is an image that comes to our mind instantly, so with red and green as well. Definitely when we think of red and green these two colours produce opposite images in our mind. But as someone mentioned about China the perception is totally different there. So colour is nothing but the manifestation of our thoughts that we perceived till today.
But red and green colours hold a significant importance on the lives in the universe.Most of the animals including humans are made of red (blood), and this is opposite in case of plants. Animals and plants are just complimentary to each other as the exchange of oxygen and carbon-di-oxide is necessary for the survival of both. From the above scenario we can conclude that red and green has their own significance and is meaningless without each other.

Team Insideiim

A lot of sentences at the start that don’t really add much to the discussion to be honest. One example you’ve given which may not be enough so late in the GD. 4.5/10

aparna gopakumar

Red and Green are the two colors induced into our brains effectively. Let start from the very basic perspective of these colors taught to us long back in schools. Red for STOP and green for GO. But then gradually, it acquired many new meanings. ON/OFF; INCOMPLETE/COMPLETE; CREDIT/DEBIT and so on. Besides that, these colors has played a major role in the different color revolution of India- Red revolution for tomato and meat production; Green revolution for food grains.But something that tops the list is the red and green signal induced into us by the society and the government.One thing to be questioned is how important it is to interpret these signals ”properly”. Morally speaking, each individual has different perspective. So ”properly” can never be proper. What to wear, whom to marry, what to eat, all these are often interrupted and signaled red and green by the society and government. This is not new. What amaze us now is how human beings respond to someone who violates these signals. The tolerance level in human beings nowadays has gone so low that violation will lead to an answer utter violence of which at times, murder is the limit. We, as a society, a democratic one, to be more specific, must be compassionate enough to respect one another and their interpretation of signal boundary.

Team Insideiim

Hi Aparana, you have to admit there is a lot of repetition in your speech – ideas from people who have spoken before you. I am not sure you’ll be able to differentiate yourself too much. So late you can be sounding like everyone else especially those who have spoken before you. 5.5/10

Mridul Agrawal

Red vs Green is a manifestation of our beliefs. As my friends have pointed out various contextual (and contrasting) usages from Traffic lights- Stop/Go in our childhood to Stock market – Profit/ Loss in the business world. While nature gives each color its own importance, as blood in our body is red and the plants are green, and both are required to mutually co-exist. Red added to green gives Yellow, for that matter, varying the proportions of each color in the mixture we get a different color. Each of these new color has its own significance and place in nature. We must also remember that all colors merge into white and it represents peace and purity. The message is that, instead of discriminating people/ colors, we must co- exist peacefully, giving recognition to every color/ religion, as all of us belong to the same source and shall be merged into that very same source ( one God/ white color). World is beautiful when it is peaceful and when it is a combination of all colors – Rainbow.

Team Insideiim

Almost everything in your few sentences is just a repetition of points in the GD – its almost as if you’re summing the GD – but such GDs don’t need summing up. Not very impressive. 4/10

Akshay Sharma

The colours ‘Red’ and ‘Green’ are two colours on the opposite sides of the spectrum. If used to describe any activity, ‘Green’ will always portray a more happier picture than red because this is how these colours are
portrayed in the different facets of life. Taking a simple traffic signal into consideration as mentioned in one of the comments. Here, the colour ‘Green’ indicates vehicles to start wherein the colour ‘Red’ indicates the opposite. So, the contradiction is evident here. If asked to divide a certain group of people into 2 groups ‘Red’ and ‘Green’ based on a certain skillset, people under the ‘Green’ colour will always be viewed as being the ones who are more skilled than the red ones.
However, the colour ‘Red’, by no means presents a gloomy picture. The colour is extensively worn by Indian brides on the day of their marriages. Nonetheless, as implicitly stated above, when taken into consideration simultaneously, the colour ‘Green’ will always win over the colour ‘Red’.

Team Insideiim

Why are you guys stuck to the traffic signal. You could be doing so much with this topic. You can introduce many abstract things in it too. No new idea comes out from your speech to be honest and the mention of traffic lights again will just make panel switch off. 3.5/10

Abhishek Thakur

Red and Green are two colors which are deeply connected with our life.
Green stands for a signal of freedom for example its use in traffic lights ,it radiates positivism in life.Where as red in general alerts us about the impending danger if we cross the limit.Green is the color of the nature,where as red is the color of our blood so both should co-exist, and deficiency of any one of them is a alarming signal for us.Red is also a symbol of love because saris worn by brides during marriage is of red color.So as a whole green is something which should be encouraged to live peacefully and red should be taken as a medium through which we remain aware and also within our limits.

Team Insideiim

Same issue. Repetition and no new ideas. So late in the GD – quite poor. 3/10

Team Insideiim

There is so much one can talk about – Use of these colours in politics and how it shapes the world – fruits like strawberry in nature – brands and companies who epitomise these colours and what they stand for – cartoons, superheroes, planets, villages – this topic is an invitation to talk about anything and everything and show how you can think in a matured manner

Ritesh Mungali

The Red vs Green symbolizes the fight between the idea of being a vegetarian or a non vegetarian.Red symbolize non-vegetarians while green symbolize vegetarians as we all know. This is the fight between these to ideologies.People on both sides have their set of points to discuss on. Vegetarians consider the non-vegetarians as brutal which is of course true because when they attain a chance of witnessing what happens in the slaughterhouses they puke. On contrary a point is put up by the non-vegetarians that vegetables and fruits also have life and it is more of a sin to eat them as they cannot even show their pain. To this my first question would be that after being getting a whole lot of education how can people talk so irrelevant? There are some life processes that go through inside a plant to keep it alive so that it can exist and God has made it for our consumption. How can a dead plant exist?? Due to these life processes it has been categorized into a living thing.

Rudra Saketh Kumar Reddy

As we can see from the science theory, the difference between red and green in Vibgyor is 2 places apart. But in real life we consider them in real life at two ends. This differentiation we can find in our daily happenings, like traffic signalling, hospital patients dress colours, industrial emergency lights symbols etc,,,Green is a symbol for being in peace , calmness and to feel our self stenghty. That’s why in hospitals we generally find pateinets are made to wear green colour clothes . Generally the people who are in depression are asked to wear red colour clothes, which increases an aggression in them. Both may be used in different perspective but both are important. As all the secondary colours are made with the combinations of primary colours in which red and green are existed. It’s the combination of both that creates a complete man. It’s not the colour but the experiences that we gain that counts.


If we consider the colour of hair: black colour signifies youth whereas white hair would signify age and experience.
Also from the economy point of view, it would be black money vs white money. Black money is something that is unaccountable to the government and doesn’t pays the tax on that income.While white money makes the transparent layer between the individual’s income and the government.Though this money is accounted to the government and hence government can impose the tax for that money.
Black money does not get circulated and remains in the possession of the person who earns it and thus harms the economy as it is not reinvested for productive purposes. And this may cause to inflation in the country and as a result it might be the devastate for the country’s economy.

Sanskriti Mittal

According to my opinion green is better than red. Red is an intense colour which ever since human started working, symbolises danger. For example- Redline in the execution of the source code indicates the error. Red signifies anger, aggression, death, sin, war hence has a negative connotation to it. In hawthorn’s The Scarlet Letter, Scarlet ( a shade of red ) was used as a punishment. Hester Prynne was forced to wear a scarlet “A” on her dress because she was unfaithful.
On the other hand, green is soothing to the eyes, green is an abundant colour, frequently appearing in nature. In fact in colour therapy, green is used to improve vision. Human rod cells are more receptive to green coloured. This means that we can see green better in dark light. Green has a calming effect. in most of the theatres, tv shows, concert halls you will find generic ‘ green room’ backstage for performers to sit and relax after and before show. Green symbolised fertility, youth and life .