Guest Lecture On ‘Life Skills For Success And Beyond’ By Mr. Deepaq Sharrma

MBA (HRD), Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics organised a guest lecture by Mr. Deepaq Sharrma. Mr. Sharrma holds 27 long years of core HR experience and is among the top 10 HR influencers of Asia. He has been ranked 19th in the ‘Top 30 HR Most Influential Leaders of the World’.

The topic for the session was ‘Life Skills for Success and Beyond’. He began the session with a ‘Namaste’ and went on to elaborate the importance of taking pride in one’s own mother tongue. He challenged the conventional dominance of English in the corporates by taking examples of countries such as Japan that are doing as good as any English speaking country even though they are using their native language. He thereafter took the students on a journey of the early days of his career. He talked about his initial days in Corning and how he gradually worked his way up the career ladder to become the Vice President Global for Corning. He shared the challenges that he faced and the lessons that he learned.

Mr. Sharrma highlighted three major components of growth-physique, mental state and soul. It is important to feed each of these for one’s overall success. We need food and exercise to maintain our physique, while knowledge is the food for the brain. The soul needs the divine blessing for its growth. The fourth component of growth is having the right attitude. This results from being fearless, which is in turn rooted in having faith in your own abilities. Mr. Sharrma used various analogies to explain the importance of these attributes in determining a person’s growth.

He drew out examples from the Indian mythology and particularly the Mahabharata from which life lessons can be derived. He highlighted the importance of the ancient Indian texts in helping us deal with life better. Our thoughts form our words, which then define our actions. These actions then form our destiny. Hence, it is important to have the right mindset as what we think ultimately decides our destiny. Meditation is the key to gain clarity of thought and live an improved life. He mentioned 5 authorities that can change one’s destiny – king, curse, boon, the person themselves and Almighty. He also emphasised on finding the right mentor as a good mentor is crucial for success. He advised the students to always hold their ground and not be a rolling stone.

Towards the end of the session, he shared 3 major crisis situations that he faced in life which put him to test. Mr. Sharrma is a great example of what we can achieve if we have patience and don’t quit.

We would like to thank Mr. Sharrma for inspiring us with his words. The experiences that he shared with us were truly the life lessons that we need to incorporate in our lives.

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