‘Guru Gyaan’ – IIM Indore UAE Initiative Featuring Professor Madhusri Shrivastav

The role of quality teaching and interacting with the best B-School Professors in the country plays a major role in an individual’s MBA journey. MBA aspirants generally tend to undermine and overlook this aspect. Thus, the Media and Corporate Communications Committee of IIM Indore UAE Campus launches the ‘Guru Gyaan’ series to spread awareness about the importance of  focusing on the ‘Gyaan’ aspect in  the MBA journey. This initiative will feature interviews with professors who have set very high course delivery and teaching standards in the GCC region.

Professor Madhusri Shrivastava offered the Written Analysis and Communication Course to PGP 1 students at the IIM Indore UAE Campus. The students were completely mesmerized and spell bound by her interactive and heavily discussion focused lectures which made the future managers realize the importance of effective communication. Here is the full interview:


How do you feel to be a part of IIM fraternity?

I have every reason to believe I took the right decision. I am glad I moved to IIM Indore.

As a professor of Written Analysis and Communication (WAC), how would you like to define the importance of the subject for the budding managers?

Good analytical skills are of little use if you are unable to express your ideas clearly. Reports may be considered a bane, but report writing skills are an important part of the executive’s armoury. Because young people have very few occasions to practise their writing skills, they often feel slightly overwhelmed by the demands the subject makes on them. However, I believe the course sharpens their ability to think critically and communicate concisely. Besides, WAC weaves together the learning acquired in almost all the subjects in the curriculum. Assuming the role of one who is required to make an informed decision is a challenge; putting it down cogently is a greater challenge.


How was your experience in offering a regular PGP course in the UAE campus?

The students’ receptivity to new learning was most gratifying. Of course, if WAC classes had been spread out over two visits, they would have benefited by the feedback on their assignments. Despite these constraints, some of the reports were written really well.


How was your interaction with the PGP UAE batch where profile of participants is very diverse as compared to the regular PGP programs?

I have always maintained that my interactions with the PGP students in the UAE campus are lively. Perhaps the smaller batch size is more conducive to classroom discussions. Diversity definitely leads to unusual insights in the course of the analysis. As an instructor I too gain in the process.


In your opinion, what value does international exposure add to the overall experience of a PGP student? 

Living alone in an unfamiliar environment is an education by itself! It fosters self- reliance, and knocks off the abrasive edges in your personality. You acquire an understanding of how management practices differ across cultures, and yet, are premised on the same concerns. Also, I think the exposure makes you question your prejudices and become more accepting of others.

What in your eyes are the qualities a student should possess, to be successful in such a unique and highly demanding program?

Cross-cultural sensitivity, flexibility… and ability to build a support system that helps you cope with homesickness. And…..whenever circumstances permit, you should learn how to cook!


Any message for prospective applicants to the PGP UAE program.

This is not just for the prospective PGP UAE batch, but for all of you… remember this quote, ‘If the grass looks greener on the other side, perhaps it is because of envy




IIM Indore UAE Campus would like to thank Professor Madhusri Shrivastava for the interview and also for delivering one of the most relevant and interesting course.

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