Hult Prize At SDA Bocconi Asia Center

“The Hult Prize is how the world has to work in the 21st century”

– President Bill Clinton

Hult Prize is being held for the first time in SDA Bocconi Asia Center and I was really excited when I heard it from our Campus Director!


What is the Hult Prize for me?

Studies say that one in five entrepreneurs consider social responsibility, being active in the community, environmental responsibility or ‘impact-focused’ as their top priority. 24% of these ‘impact-focused’ entrepreneurs are aged less than 35 years compared to 11% of those aged over 55 years. The young today are innovative, passionate and are looking for ways to creating an ‘impact’, but are lacking a platform to establish their social-business ideas. Hult Prize is giving these ‘impact-focused’ young to compete and cultivate their ideas with some of the brilliant of the judges and finally establish their social-business ideas poised to change the world.

“Solving the world’s most pressing challenges is not just the right thing to do, it is also good business.”

– Ahmad Ashkar, CEO of Hult Prize


What made me opt for the Hult Prize?

Being a part of Hult Prize means being a part of the ‘impact’. It’s an opportunity to spread awareness on the pressing global issues, an opportunity to build a personal network, an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with the passionate about changing the world. This is a chance to do something really different and witness some of the best talents and skills. It would be an incredible experience being able to provide a stage with a stage of excitement to change the world.

What made me choose Hult Prize over other college committees or clubs?

The college committees and clubs teach you the knowledge and skills required to learn how a business environment works. This is a base framework to organize/establish any event and Hult Prize is giving me an opportunity to utilize this framework to organize a successful event which involves ‘impact-focused’ young individuals.


Which ABGLP Company you will like to work for and why?

I will choose Aditya Birla Retail Limited (ABFRL). The home needs the category of more is of my top interest amongst the ABFRL retail services, which are into decorating one’s homes and making it comfortable for the family with smart kitchen essentials, furnishings and much more to choose from. From bean bags, mats, curtains and carpets to decor items, there’s something for everyone at nearby more stores, which is a one-stop solution for all the home needs. My interest in these services is because I carry a professional interest in Architecture and Interiors which is an add-on to understand and work in a similar industry.

– Mohitha Manchukonda (IMB7)

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