IIFT – A Life Nothing Like You’ve Ever Seen

“A B-school life is nothing like you’ve ever seen”. Yes, these were the exact words that I would get to hear whenever I asked any of the Premier B school graduates. I used to wonder what wand-waving does these school do that by each passing year, the number of students aspiring for an MBA from a top B-school keeps going north.

Apart from the usual hustle-bustle, another news that was doing the rounds was that B school students rarely get time to sleep, have numerous assignments and deadlines and basically live their life on the edge (of a clock). How hard could it be? The naive under-graduate yet to be an engineer in me thought of it as a cakewalk and started gearing up for entry into one of these prestigious B schools.

After getting through the rigorous qualifying process comprising of numerous levels of examination, I was finally an IIFTian. Surviving the so-called Introductory sessions which lasted more than a week was a challenge in itself and now starting my 3rd week at IIFT, I feel like I’m finally settling into a routine. The days are pretty long and so are the nights but this is what I signed up for. The hardest thing I’ve experienced till now is to accommodate the time of socialising while also catching up on the hard-earned sleep. But truthfully, my days are nothing like what I imagined they would be. They’re far more involving than one could think of and I am absolutely shell-shocked (and elated too) by the sheer amount of work that I’m able to get done in a day which I couldn’t even dare to do it even in an entire week.

The life here at IIFT is nothing short of the jumpy roller coaster ride of the Disney World with numerous blind turns and shallow crests but eventually, you come out on top such as the case with every other roller coaster ride.

A typical day starts with the never-ending buzzing of alarms and roomies (and loomies) urging each other to get up and running for the lectures. Some of us grab what we can from the mess and the others heavily rely on the “sharing is caring” terminology. Lectures are usually confined till 6 PM but coupled with the Batch Meets and Guest Lectures, evenings stretch out to around 9 PM. Nights are dedicated to the Knowledge Transfer sessions and Assignments which do perform a significant purpose in versing us with the concepts of management.

Here at IIFT, we believe in the motion of Work Hard, Party Harder and consciously live up to that with the hosting of a plethora of parties and fests such as the likes of Freshers Party, Reverse Fresher (yes, you read that right), Quo Vadis, etc around the year which not only accommodates the IIFT students but also numerous guests from the country and beyond. Before joining IIFT, I was unaware of my mental capabilities and the limits but since joining this institute, I motivate and push myself to complete tasks and perform well with each passing day.


Which ABG company would I want to work for –

If given the chance, I would honestly work for Aditya Birla Retail Limited as the Sales & Marketing field piques my interest and I intend to make a career in the same. The notion of creating and running campaigns, devising sales strategy and increasing the revenue excites me and would add to my experience which would surely benefit me in my stint in the corporate world.

IIFT Placement Commitee