IIM A FABM Interview Experience – Shoaib Khan

Two panellists. They don’t introduce themselves but it looks like one was a senior professor in agribusiness while the other one is either alumni or a junior professor who was there just to negate all my answers
P2(junior one): is Shoaib Mohammad a cricketer?
Me: yes Shoaib Akhtar and Malik are
P2: so you are not good in cricket
P1: why don’t you play cricket regularly (because I said in last one year I was unable to play cricket)
P1: so how from mathematics to management especially in agribusiness
P1: suppose I give u an offer to work with our team from tomorrow how u will aid that team with your background.
(I mentioned importance of science and technology in growth of agriculture and give examples of some reports and practices in country like Israel especially their cross pollination by using bee)
P1: but cross pollination is neither physics nor chemistry or maths
(I said I taught bio to 9 & 10th class students so I know it)
P1: what kind of career prospects do  you see in this field
(Here I came in trap I mention price of potato and chips)
P1: what do you think – how this 10 rs potato becomes 180 rs chips? you are a “mathematician” just take a pen and paper and calculate
(I did not take paper and pen since I don’t know how to calculate)
P1: do you know how chips are made
P1: just suppose 90 % of potato has only water so how much it cost after you dry it and then add ingredients and boil it. (Although a potato has only 60-70% water so cost don’t increase as much as it can be with 90% water but that time I don’t know it so I accept that this rate difference is justified and I am a gullible who believed in media reports)
Then P1 told P2 to ask me about maths
P2: what do  you know in maths (since in BSc most of the maths is theoretical than calculating so I there was not too much they can ask so I told them about some matrix decomposition methods like LU and LLt method)
P2 you are focusing more on a single topic give me something else so that I can ask you
Me: sir I was a correspondence course student so unable to attend classes and did not get too much knowledge of maths by self-study. In coaching also 90% students were from Hindi medium so teachers teach in Hindi and just dictate statements in English)
P2: what did you do that you were unable to attend classes
P2: oh correspondence course so he is from MP and college is in Rajasthan ( I said no it is in Ratlam district of MP)
I said u can ask me anything in physics and chemistry )
P2: what topics do  you know
Me: relativity, nuclear physics quantum mechanics
P2: OK, tell me about quantum mechanics
P2: no no you are mixing thing
(Although I know I am right so stick to what I said and try to convince him that it is true)
P2: no you are mixing what is a photon it is a particle
Me: no sir it is an energy packet which has dual nature particle as well as wave
P2 no you are mixing things
Me: because sir things had mixed in quantum theory you can check it on net or any book

P2: OK what type of news you follow
(I said history politics sports…)
P2: OK what u know in history
Me: Mohenjo Daro era , Chandra Gupta

P2 name kings of Morya Dynasty
I mention Chanakya as teacher of Chandragupta and named Bindusaar is

P2: Chanakya was a king
Me: sorry sir Chandragupta Bindusaar (then I guess) Samudragupta Chandragupta 2
P2: are they Mourya King
Me: sir I read about Chandragupta in which only His successor Bindusaar was mentioned.
P2: thank u

The interview lasted 20-25 min. Other interviews were also ended in same time. Since my background was not agri based so they ask me other questions. In my panel 4 out of 9 were absent. 2 students were from biotech while other two were food engineers.
3 of them had work ex and one more student was a fresher. To others, they were asking about their projects and work experience related questions.


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