IIM Calcutta breaks its own record: 441 placed in 3 days

(This is a press release by IIM Calcutta External Relations Cell. The detailed report in the InsideIIM format will be released soon.)


IIM Calcutta wrapped up its summer placements on the morning of 8th November 2013, successfully securing internship offers for all 465 students enrolled in the first year of its flagship management program. 155 firms recruited in all with 441 students securing job offers at the end of just 3 days – a feat, never achieved before in the history of all IIMs.

Despite the economic slowdown, the institute saw an unprecedented 282 offers in the first 2 days of the process itself (Slot 0) from the top firms across sectors. Leading banks like JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Royal Bank of Scotland, Citi Group, HSBC, Credit Suisse, Nomura, Goldman Sachs and Standard Chartered among others recruited for Investment Banking, Equities Research, Sales and Trading and Global Markets. McKinsey and Co, Boston Consulting Group, Bain and Co, AT Kearney, and Accenture Management Consulting were the top recruiters from the consulting domain.

Top FMCG recruiters like Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Proctor & Gamble, Mondelez International, Nestle, Asian Paints, Johnson and Johnson, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, L’Oreal, Kellogg’s offered roles in Marketing and Sales. TAS, Aditya Birla Group, Mahindra and Mahindra, Shell, Reliance Industries Limited, C K Birla Group, and Cairn Energy selected students for General Management roles.

Students also secured internship offers from global giants like Microsoft, Google and Amazon for multiple functions – Product Management, Operations, and Sales and Marketing.

This year’s placement season at IIMC was noteworthy as several niche finance roles were offered by financial services firms such as Macquarie Group, Multiples Equity, Mizuho Securities, Monsoon Capital and Clearwater Capital. Dalberg Global Development Advisors, a boutique advisory firm, was a first-time recruiter and hired exclusively from IIM Calcutta.

Unique roles were offered by recruiters like Bristol Myers-Squibb, Feedback Infra, Maersk Line, Eli Lilly and CEB. International roles were offered by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Nomura, Goldman Sachs, MH Alshaya and Choppies Group.

The excellent placements this year are an affirmation by the industry of the high-standards of management education at IIM Calcutta. The placement process concluded in a record time of just over 3 days, with 100% of the batch securing summer internship offers from reputed organizations across industry sectors.


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Sunny Talreja

The article highlights everything wrong with the placements in IIMS… whether its Summers or Finals… If 155 firms actually recruited 441 participants in three days, that means an average of 51 firms a day… how did any participant got enough time for proper representation and how did those recruitment agency got enough time for proper selection… participant doesn’t care about the firm… firm doesn’t care about the participant or his/her interests… everyone just wanna get it over. Assuming the event took even 7 days (three placement days, one zero day and three negative day), the argument still holds true.


First of all i would like to know if you are from any of the IIM , if not I would advise you to keep your logic to yourself. There is a very thorough process that goes on months before the actual placement date and it is not as if the recruiters were informed that they have to catch the flight the next day. This is IIM for godsake and your argument is absolutely wrong .

Sunny Talreja

well I am from am IIM and know this process very well. No matter how many months you plan in advance… if your top priority was to finish everything in three days.. that shows your concern about matching the job profile with requirements.

Pritish Ekka

Lol ignorance Is bliss. Dude placement process is not so simple process as you explained. I would suggest you to talk to talk to some IIM grad to know More Instead of assuming some weird reasoning.

Sunny Talreja

I second your thought… Ignorance is bliss… Maybe that’s why, you didn’t even cared to click on my profile to check whether i am from an IIM or not. Again, instead of being over protective about your summers process, you could have tried to infer the reasoning behind my comment. Now tell me Pritesh, what is more important, completing process in three days or matching the job profile correctly because the headline and claims made by your ER cell portrays summers as merely a grueling task and your placement committee’s ultimate success is being able to achieve it in three days…


I strongly feel that this is sheer boasting about oneself. Being an IIM, there is no need to showcase the world that you too survived well as the world expects you to fare well. Just being an established IIM, I think, the students are enjoying the fruits !! No offence to anyone. Anyways, congrats!!

Ankit Upadhyay

“Just being an established IIM, I think, the students are enjoying the fruits”…… just a small doubt.?….. u know that the students didn’t get there through lottery?…. right?…


I seriously do not get what is it that you want to get across ? You have no idea about the hardwork that goes into achieving something of this sort …and yes the students enjoy the fruits of their hardwork and nothing else !!!


@Yeshwant – Please keep the ‘hardworking’ bit to only the top 250-300 students. There are so many who have got in to IIM C because they have a caste certificate despite being from very wealthy families. And did I mention extra marks for women?
And these days getting in an IIM is matter of chance than ability as selection criterias are such that with 99.xx percentile also you wont get a call. So what krish581 says is right.
What Sunny Talreja says is also correct – You can keep bragging about placements finished in 3 days but this process will result in so many unhappy souls and people who will quit their jobs within the first 6 months of joining.


Looks like you guys hate IIM so much that you come up with some new reasons to bash. If you have a problem with reservations then fight with the government , what do the IIM’s have to do with it ? Although I agree that selection to some extent is flawed and a few deserving candidates may not get through , it doesn’t mean that the whole system is flawed. Although I get the point about the 3 days thing , saying rubbish that getting into IIM is a matter of chance is either due to your ignorance or because you couldn’t make into of the IIM.


I just want to emphasize that the students or alumni of IIMs are not gods…..they are just common people like us. Some incidents happened in the past couple of years have proved that literally on the lines of drug addiction, professors harassment et al. Offending anyone is not my intention though.
After all, getting big packages or cracking the so called dumb big companies is not the value added in life. It is that how much value we add to the society that matters !!


@krish581 your point is well taken. But I’d advise you to spend your time usefully by contributing to the society rather than wasting your time arguing here. And yes the the alums of IIM’s are no gods and no one claims that either , they are just normal people like you and me who dream big and are ready to put in all that it takes, to achieve it.


lol…..who asked your advice ?? First learn how to speak and understand the viewpoints rather than giving advice to others. I just expressed my opinion and I haven’t offended anyone.


Can we have details around number of offers made by top consulting firms?