IIM Lucknow’s INDEX 2015

Thousands of minds, millions of thoughts, across ages and stages, an amalgamation of hopes, desires, passions and inclinations; all Lucknowites brought together at the heart of the city by one word: INDEX. What is INDEX? A fun night out for families, to feast on the choicest cuisines, engage in a multitude of fun games, and browse through gorgeous handicrafts? Or a time for teens to put on their dancing shoes and groove to the beats at the DJ nights and concerts, or prepare to shine as Mr or Ms INDEX, or the champion of Footloose or RJ Hunt, or just “hang”? Or is it a time for the young professionals to loosen their ties, ease off their blazers and lose themselves in two nights of fun and excitement?

INDEX, a flagship event of IIM Lucknow and one of the most awaited fests in Lucknow, is back again for the 21st time and it promises to be bigger and better than ever. Conceptualised and organised completely by the students of IIM Lucknow, one of the most premiere management institutes in India, this year it is scheduled to be held at Colvin Taluqdar Ground on the 14th and 15th of November.

Besides being a fun-filled affair, it also provides a unique opportunity for the institute’s students to decode the minds of the all-important tier II consumers. While everyone is immersed in the feverish excitement, the market research teams analyse their behaviour and responses through specially designed games to tap the subconscious, untouched by external influences and biases, while the survey participants are blissfully unaware of the process.

All research and intense analysis aside, the fair is a treat for all who come. This year, INDEX coincides with Children’s day, and the team is determined to make it the “special event” of the day for parents to celebrate with their children. But why should kids have all the fun? This Children’s day will be a celebration for all, regardless of age, to bring out the child in them, to cast off their worries and lose themselves in joyful abandon. There is Mr and Ms INDEX for the charismatic, Nukkad for the creative, Footloose, RJ Hunt, Lucknow Idol and much more for those seeking to awe one and all. With games, competitions, DJ nights, performances by Vibenation VH1 with Zenith and Chryses and a performance by Indiana Band, food stalls and craftswork displays, INDEX presents a feast for all the senses to dazzle the city of Lucknow.

Media & Communication Cell IIM-Lucknow

IIM Lucknow's Media and Communication Cell (MCC) serves as a communications liaison between the Institute and the external world. MCC also acts as the community building platform of IIML and ensures that all the student activities and initiatives at IIM Lucknow receive public recognition