IIM Rohtak – A Symbol For Hard Work, Persistence, And Valour

The foundation of IIM Rohtak was laid on November 2009 along with the special tag of first IIM in North India. In these eight years, it had a tremendous growth in almost every sector such as placements, Industry exposure, Infrastructure, etc.

We were all Software developers, Bank managers, Consultants, Accountants, fresh graduates who were just out of their UG program prior joining the institute but the moment we stepped into the college we were all proudly christened as KATHORS. It stands not just as a name but a symbol for hard work, Persistence, and Valor.

Moving on towards the uniqueness of our campus, IIM Rohtak is the only campus situated in the NCR region. It can tell you the volumes of industry exposure with Industry Relations and Interaction Cell (IRIC) are almost bringing on top leaders of various corporate companies owing to the benefit of location. We have the advantage of getting the insights of industry leaders whom we had earlier heard only through their actions in television and articles. The strategic location will become a huge factor in 10 – 20 years down the line.

We can proudly say that we were among the very few IIMs that publish Placement Reports audited. Any B-school student will know about how their placement reports are inflated and the importance of having the report audited. CRISIL audited placement helps the candidate to accurately note the company’s visited, domains offered and the average package which were usually the criteria for analyzing any B-school.

We were also one of the campuses where Marketing and Finance were equally given importance, and the ratio of placements in the particular domains was almost equal. This helps to add diversity in the college where in certain cases, a student with financial interest have to focus on marketing mandatorily and vice versa as their placements were primarily focused on a particular domain. At IIM Rohtak, we have highly skilled professors for both Marketing and Finance thereby students could vitalize their skills in their area of interest.

IIM Rohtak is the oldest IIM in the 2nd generation IIMs which adds additional leverage regarding alumnus. Our Alumni Committee ensures periodic meets with our seniors to get the industry scenario, insights about the field and building our networks.

Finally, we have shifted to our new campus and enrolled in the prestigious club of IIM operating in its own campus. The infrastructure in the new campus is excellent, to say the least, and allow us to leverage the various facilities that were not available in the rented one. I am very happy and proud to be a part of IIM Rohtak fraternity.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I would like to work for Aditya Birla Capital Limited which is among the top five private diversified NBFCs in India. I have a strong interest in finance domain, particularly in wealth management and starting my career with a huge company like Aditya Birla would help me to shape my future career path and goals. ABCL manages aggregate assets worth 2,813 billion and the fourth largest assets management company in India by domestic AAUM, which will be a dream for any aspirant who wants to enter the wealth management domain. Further, I can leverage the opportunity of working with portfolio management experts and update myself with the current scenario of investment markets.