IIM Rohtak: Wonderful Campus With Crazy People

Every institute is unique in its own way, but what makes IIM Rohtak unique is not just its culture and rigorous academic schedule that the students have to go through but the various types of events that are organized by the students each and every year. These events does not only include various management, cultural and sports events but also a unique event called as Eatopia. This event that is organized by the students of IIM Rohtak is basically a food competition in which different sections have to compete against each other. Each team decides the menu, theme of the mess, ambience as well as other decorations. To make the competition exiting none of teams disclosed their menu but at the same each team had to serve unique dishes so that the judges who are some of the professors of our college, face no problem.

We had organized Marathon, which in itself is a huge task as Rohtak is a sports city. The students had to manage a crowd of about 5000 people which included over 2000 participants. For the preparation of this event the students had to wake up at 3AM as the race was scheduled to start at 5 AM and make the necessary arrangements such as setting up stalls for water, fruits and snacks at regular intervals. During the entire 5 hours the students had to manage the race route so as to make sure that unfair means were not used and most importantly to ensure the safety and security of the participants. We also had to make sure that supplies were over stocked at every stall especially that of water as there were around 800 participants who were below 10 years of age.

Organizing and managing our annual fest, Infusion which is the biggest fest organized by an IIM in north India was another herculean task for the students. Contrary to the marathon, which was an event for just 5-6 hours this was a nonstop 72 hours carnival, in which we had a footfall of over 15000 people during the span of 3 days. The planning for this biggest college event had started over a month before the event during which we faced many issues and learned a lot of things. A major issue which I recall is that the venue where the final day performances were supposed to be held was rendered unusable due to some unforeseen circumstances just 2 days before the start of the fest. We contacted a stage management company and asked them to work day and night for setting up the stage and I personally had to stay awake for 2 days due to this and various other preparations.

Participants from IIMs and other top B-schools across the country kept on pouring in day and night during the three days. There were performances from a famous international stunt artist, Murray Molloy and from North India’s most acclaimed pop band The Local Train. During the period of 3 days the entire campus was lit up and various fun events were being organized. Due to these events we learned various management skills such as resilience, ability to strategize among other skills. The practical experience in negotiation during setting up of stalls and while handling of sponsors were also very enriching for me.

I would like to work in the Aditya Birla Retail Ltd., a retail sector company of Aditya Birla Group. This would be perfectly suitable company for me to work in based upon my educational background of graduation and also because I am majoring in Operations during my post-graduation. I also think that this is also the best company where I can utilize the skills that I have gained till now and the challenging environment of this company will be suitable for me to hone those skills, even enhance those.