Importance Of Healthy Food While Preparing For Entrance Exams

So the entrance season is on. Every student is ready to, or already burning the midnight oil, ransacking libraries, exhausting all the possible resources they can get their hands on. We all agree that we give our best when it comes to preparing for entrances.

But apart from our hard-work, we undermine other factors which are also vital and affects our preparation. From the environment at your place to your daily habits to what you eat, everything determines your end result.

While you might think that you are saving time by ordering that pizza, it comes with its own side-effects.

Believe it or not, but what we eat directly affects the structure and function of our brain. It affects our mood too.

In order to achieve the maximum productivity, we also need to keep our brains functioning in the best form. Food is just like the fuel for your brain. Not everything that satiates your hunger is actually good for your brain.

Here is my own list of go-to snacks and food items which helps in increasing retention power and keeps you awake too!

1.Green Tea

Green tea is high in oxidizing agents, which helps in keeping you awake, helps in digestion and an added bonus of clear skin.

2.Dry Fruits

This includes nuts, walnuts, cashews everything that you can think of. Starting your day with nuts is actually a very good idea. Walnuts improve your functioning of the brain and overall nuts produce good cholesterol which is healthy for your body as well. Guess, your mom wasn’t wrong after all.

3. Fruits

Cut back on those sugar cravings and give it a break. Instead indulge in fruits which contains fructose and it don’t have any side effects. Fruits like apple is high in oxidization, banana is high in phosphorus and melons keep you hydrated! Of course, only fruits diet won’t do any good either. (We know what happened to Steve Jobs)

4. Coffee

Well coffee is only for emergencies when you can’t afford dozing off. One shot of black coffee or one cup of cappuccino (according to your taste) and you will be set for the night. Though my advice would be to restrain your consumption to 1 cup of coffee in 5-7 days. Too much of caffeine can cause an increase in heart rate with nausea and stomach upset.

5. Home cooked food

Last but not the least the home cooked food. Avoid junk at all costs. Try to have a balanced diet with proteins and carbs intake.

6. Stay hydrated.

Drink lots of water. Always keep a bottle of water with yourself. It releases the toxins of your body and keeps you fresh !


Nikita Sharma

Currently, I am a student at Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad. A self confessed logophile and a bibliophile, apart from juggling classes, gym and binge watching, I love to read and write in my free time.