Infernum – The Data Analytics Event Of Revelation 2018 At SIBM Bengaluru

13 teams, six rounds, one crucible where it all boiled down to who could best utilize their decision-making abilities with speed and accuracy. Spread over two days, ‘Infernum’ – The Data Analytics Competition of Revelation 2018, the Annual Management and Cultural fest of SIBM Bengaluru, was a new addition to the events this year. The first day had four rounds, the first of which began after the organizing team briefed the participants about the basic guidelines of what could only be described as one of the most challenging competitions of the fest. The rounds were as taxing as they were innovative. And it was almost like finding one’s way through the labyrinth of data, you had to unlock one level to move on to the next. The answers to the first round held the key to the next and so on.

So, in order to ‘Excel’ at this particular test, the participants needed to look at the little pieces that made up the bigger picture. The rounds became progressively more difficult. In the first round, the participants had to find a real-time market solution to the problem statement presented in seventy-five minutes. The second round tested the logic and accuracy of the participants with an interesting exercise on logistic regression.

The most innovative round was perhaps, the Artificial Intelligence round where the participants were asked to take everyday objects and substantiate the marvel of AI in them. A water bottle, for instance, that reminds one to drink water at regular intervals throughout the day! Today with the progress that AI has made in the field of data analytics, this idea of everyday objects becoming ‘artificially intelligent’ is not a far-fetched possibility anymore. And it did not just end there. From portfolio management to a simulation analytics based on Haward Business Case, the other rounds had the participants crunching numbers and deducing inferences to beat one another.

The team from Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development, emerged victorious after the six gruelling rounds followed closely by the team from Great Lakes Institute of Management. Meher Mridula, one of the winners said “I feel the organizers did a great job in planning the event under a vertical as different as Data Analytics. It was a great experience overall.”

The event was built from scratch by the organizing team that consisted of six competent members. Tushar Gupta, from the team, said “Just like a host to the guest, we made sure the participants have the best experience at this event. From rigorous planning, countless dry runs, to finally executing it, it has been a golden journey! It was truly a learning experience.”

No business in the world can survive today without data analytics. It’s an amalgamation of technologies and techniques that have proved to be an indispensable tool for the organizations. In this context, being a premier b-school, SIBM Bengaluru stepped it up a notch by incorporating a Data Analytics event in its management fest.The first chapter of ‘Infernum’ was off to a heated start! And going by the ‘statistics’, it’s going to be one ‘hell’ of a ride!

SIBM Bengaluru

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