Is Film Censorship Justified

A country where almost 1200 films are released every year, and 15 million people watch movies every day in the theatre, films become  products that are consumed so extensively. Thus it becomes imperative that this product Is served in a manner that ensures integrity and sovereignty of nation and society per se. In order to do that, laws pertaining to the portrayal of such content (films), are framed.

And thus a separate body for certification of films is currently in function.

Strangely, no written content has to undergo any scrutiny – since it was observed that visuals along with audio ought to create a greater impact on humans when watched in dark rooms (theatres) , and the same impact was not created by content that was written.

Thus the body which was formed for certification of films, exercised the right whether or not to certify the content that was shown, which means to certify something as good or bad for public consumption. Thus it becomes quite a onerous job for someone when they have discretion  in deciding what is good and what is bad. Hence every action that is taken, be it granting certification or otherwise should serve in the interest of the public, then and then only the efficacy of  the framework that was built is manifested.

Now the real question lies here is, how is one supposed to judge what could be good or bad for everyone? Why I say this because, even if you choose to censor something or not, it doesn’t bring satisfaction to everyone, and which is quite inevitable.
For eg, we see many at times item numbers in movies as a catalyst, as they tend to attract many people, though the lyrics or the number for that matter has no relevance to the movie, even then people tend to enjoy it. At the same time if the authority thinks of at as it objectifies women and tends to censor it, the people who enjoy watching it might not be very amused, and apparently may not show up to watch the movie. And the dancers, whos livelihood depends on it might go berserk as well. And if it chooses not to censor, it alienates social activists and culture fanatics.
On top of that, it is almost impossible to extract data which shows, how exactly particular situations or nuances depicted in the movie effects the society in a positive or negative way, since the way 2 persons perceive a single thing might be exactly opposite.

To me, it doesn’t matter how the guidelines are set. But it matters so as to how they are enforced. So one needs to to be astute enough to gauge the situation and act accordingly. Since there is a fine dichotomy between a good choice and right choice, one should always adhere to the latter.