Jhankaar – The Dance Club Of SIBM-B

When you dance, you forget everything and just feel happy. Dance is an art that imprints on the soul. With every wave of your hand and every leap into the air, you use dancing as an expression. It is the hidden language of your soul.

Jhankaar, the dance club at SIBM Bengaluru aims to advance the dance skills of the students through practice and innumerable performances throughout the year in events such as Utopia, Samaagam and Revelation. Jhankaar provides the literal and the metaphorical stage to the dancer within, by giving the opportunity to represent SIBM Bengaluru in cultural events in and around Bangalore.

To be honest, 20 months of MBA is a short period to do everything that one wants to do, but still, it is enough to do a lot of things, provided one has the zeal to do right things at right time. With the never-ending classes, presentations, committee work, projects, assignments, placements and all, dancing just whisks you off to a world where you can enjoy the luxury of being yourself.

In a Business School where life keeps you on your toes 24*7, dance is a remedy for this chaotic life. Here’s how dance edifies the qualities of an MBA student –

1. Team Work: Great teamwork plays an important role in managing people, which is, of course, what an MBA is all about. The disciplined timing and coordination that lets a dozen of dancers to move and breathe in unison is itself a phenomenon. In dancing, it’s the ultimate paradox of individuals uniting in a group that makes the ensemble stand out. Just like teamwork in your presentations, dancers have the luxury of being able to view things from a unique perspective, yet interdependence being woven deeply in their work.

2. Leadership: An MBA degree trains you to be a manager, where you need leadership to tackle team-based problems and strategic complications. Likewise, it’s imperative in dancing to take a lead and see if the performance is up to the mark. Someone has to take initiative and have that vision to move purposefully in the direction required. While dancing, leadership is evolved in a person when they lead from their core, support and protect their crew, and celebrate when they shine- on or off the dance floor.

3. Confidence and Better Connect: Nothing is more revealing than a movement. When you put across emotions through your movements, you connect with your audience on a different level. Dance increases your social skills, helping you to develop a greater sense of trust and cooperation. Whether you are expanding communication skill within a group, unlocking their creative potential, or taking innovative ways to reach a common goal, dance techniques help you achieve your goals. It helps you develop poise, grace and self-confidence.

The club helps the students to nurture their talent despite the busy schedule. It enhances the creative and artistic side of students. It boosts their confidence and encourages them to perform in front of the crowd.

SIBM Bengaluru

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