My Journey To IIM Bodh Gaya

It was July 30, 16:30, Saturday was the day. I was sitting idle in my office, solving aptitude questions and then I received a call from my father. The first line quoted “Beta, tereko IIM Bodh Gaya se admission offer Aaya hai” (Son, you received an admission offer from IIM Bodh Gaya). I disconnected the call immediately and checked my email inbox. I was rejoiced to see the admission offer letter. My mind drifted back to the moment where it all started, The day I solved my first quant question. I still remember the sheer rush of blood and exhilaration I experienced at the prospect of preparing for CAT. The two years of hard work finally bore a fruit whose name was “IIM”. That was the day I made my parents proud for the first time in my life.

I boarded the train from Delhi to Gaya on 5th July. While I was on the train I was very happy that I was finally going to a place where I aspired from the day I began my CAT preparation. Also, I was very skeptic whether to join IIM Bodh Gaya or not as it is a new IIM. But the brand IIM and the mentorship of IIM Calcutta convinced me to join IIM Bodh Gaya. I am really glad that I did join.

The Induction program started with the guests DM(Gaya) Mr. Abhishek Kumar Singh, Deloitte VP Mr. Kumar Nachiketa and the director of IIM Bodh Gaya  Dr. Vinita Sahay. It was the first time I met an IAS officer and realized that this place would give me ample opportunities to meet the leaders of the industry. The visit to historic Mahabodhi Temple, the place where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment added a great deal of value to the induction program.

Being an IIM you expect the schedule to be rigorous. The daily classes, assignments, quizzes, committee selection processes etc made me realize that the place never sleeps. My thoughts of necessary sleep of 7 hours changed. I realized that the first step to become successful is to utilize each and every minute. There is a lot more to learn and improve. The diversity adds more to the learning experience. There are students from all the four parts of India (North, South, East and West). Each person studying here has his own story and many more things to share.

No matter how stressful and hectic it would be but your integral bonding with friends keeps you pushing forward. Each day here starts with a new struggle and a new hope to learn, to get better and strive for a better tomorrow.

It has been a month that I had been here at IIM Bodh Gaya, and I believe that I am not the same person as I was when I entered this place of Enlightenment. I have learnt a lot in this one month. I have become more disciplined and confident. I am glad that I took on this journey which I wish to cherish for the rest of my life. I also hope that every MBA aspirant will be ready to join this wonderful journey.

To all the aspirants I would like to share a quote: Sometimes right before you quit… Just hold on for a little longer because…  Champions don’t always win…but they never quit to losses… success is not about winning all your battles but it’s about how long you can stay with your losses and let them turn you into a champion. One day your time will come, my friend.


Ashish Singh

IIM Bodh Gaya

PGP 2018-20

Ashish Singh

An IIM student with 15 months work ex in Accenture. I love to play cricket and chess. I love to teach students.