My Journey To IIM Ranchi | K. Subhash, Class Of 2020

Life, a spicy mix of joyful conundrum, throws up many opportunities to us. Not in isolation, but always partnered with challenges, risks and enigmatic circumstances. It is up to an individual to decide whether he stands strong in the stormy situations or bows down to the tribulations of life. I, as someone coming from an ordinary south Indian family, have nothing other than sheer passion, dedication and commitment to pave my own way out of an unendingly competitive world.

The journey to IIM Ranchi for me was just like an optimistic chase towards an unknown destiny. Although there seemed to be a clear idea of what was going to come if I had/hadn’t cleared CAT, the subsequent processes and what would ultimately happen in case of all success or failure, there was some latent fear (perhaps a hairline substitute to anxiety and nervousness) that started dwelling in my mind. It is always an intricate task to decide where you are heading to in life, especially at a conjuncture where all options seem equally viable, rather enticing and interesting. I had been in situations no different and had to make considerations on my journey to this amazing home and a new family.

All that we do is to keep ourselves happy, and for me, happiness is to spend time with family and share the sweet fruits of belongingness and affection, and righteously so. On the other hand, I have a great passion for excellence in the field of business and management and wanted to compete and develop myself as a world-class individual in the domain.

The big day was right there when the admission results were out and I had an opportunity to fulfil my passion and life’s dream – admission to an IIM. However, this came at the cost of all that I had and enjoyed throughout my life: Family, friends, hometown and nostalgic moments. For a few, this might seem silly, but for one like me who is tightly bonded with emotions to the extent that I had never stayed without family for even a single day, it takes great courage to say- “Look, Its time! You got to go and face it; come what may – face it. Not just for the sake of being a mere part of the show, but to make your mark felt and impressions left!

No different form any other fresher, I had come to IIM Ranchi with loads of hope that I can find a great place to live and learn, and what I got is beyond my expectations. I feel happy that this journey, filled with adventurous leaps, hardships, learnings and emotional crossroads, finally ended at a colourful destination. As a spectator of this journey of mine, I could understand that difficult roads are those that actually lead to beautiful destinations. I look forward to my life at IIM Ranchi, optimistically and curiously, to make each day count; not just to make my life better but also to add to the feathers of this great institute.

– K. Subhash


IIM Ranchi

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