Last Milestone To TISS, HRM&LR – Give Your Best Shot!

Let me start by congratulating all those who managed to clear such a high cut-off for HRM & LR. And for those who missed the magic number by a small margin, I would say “The show must go on”. Don’t get disheartened and give your best next time.

Like me and my batch mates, you all must have got many calls apart from TISS, HRM & LR, so it becomes inevitable for me to pitch in for my institute which might motivate you to give your best effort for the next round.

TISS is not just an institute, it’s a journey. A journey that will make you more ‘Catholic than Pope’. The campus is curtained from the hustle and bustle of the city, amidst lush greenery, and has produced some of the best managers in the country every year and has been doing so for more than half a century.

Now let’s get back to the business. The D-Day will consist of three rounds. It will start with WAT followed by G.D. on the same topic. After everyone is done with these rounds, the interview round starts. For the WAT and GD rounds, you will be given two topics. As a group, you have to select one of those and write an essay on the same. The time limit is around 15 minutes and ideally, you should write around 250 words on it. The topics that were given to my group were

1.  Justice should not only be done but seen to be done.

2. A good mother can be a good employee (don’t remember the exact words).

My group opted for the first one and the GD went fairly good. 3 out of 10 participants are now at TISS, one of them is clearing your doubts as an ARC member. If I remember correctly, our GD went for 20 minutes.

Next in line will be the interview process. The interview panel consists of three professors, each one of them being masters in their own fields. I was lucky enough that my interview went for only 10 minutes. I am pretty sure that you all are inquisitive to know what the panel did ask about. So here we go: –

P1: Why do you think you will be a good HR manager? In simple words, he was asking, ‘Why HR?’ (It’s my humble request to all aspirants; please don’t say I LOVE PEOPLE. Trust me no one does. Think of some better answer.)

P1: What are the top three qualities of an HR manager?

P2: Can you relate any subject of Electrical Engineering with any subject of HRM?

P2: Why TISS and not XLRI or MDI?

P1: Name any five subjects that you are going to study in the next 2 years. (Luckily, I went through the entire placement brochure of TISS.)

P1: Some questions about Aluminium industry. (I had a job offer from Vedanta Resources)

P2: What are the various ways of recruitment?

P3: (Finally she spoke) What are the qualities that you look in a person before making him/her your friend?

Friends, since you all have scored so high in TISSNET; I can safely assume that you all have a strong hold on current affairs. Keep practising. A year back when I was at your place, I made sure that I started my day with ‘Economic Times’. It’s mandatory for an aspirant to be aware of what is happening across the globe.  Since you are applying for a ‘Social Sciences’ institute, make sure you are having a labour friendly approach while answering questions on labour. Please be humble and polite when you are in a GD. Try to support your arguments with data and facts. A basic knowledge of few concepts of HRM will be helpful.

Aspirants, on the behalf of entire TISS HRM&LR, batch of 2016-18, I wish you all the best. May your dreams come true. 




About the Author:


An Electrical Engineering graduate from NIT Rourkela and a humorous personality, Rohit is currently pursuing his Masters at TISS Mumbai in Human Resource Management and Labour Relations. He loves travelling and exploring a variety of cuisines. A gourmet in the real sense,  he maintains a spreadsheet of famous eateries in the town. Name a dish and you get an address for it!


Aspirant Relations Committee manages the entire gamut of admission related activities from aspirant mentoring to onboarding, and the induction process. The committee also manages the social media platforms for TISS Mumbai HRM & LR where it deals with public relations as well as branding related activities.


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