Let’s start the bonding – IIM Kashipur

We are rational people. We think and analyse every situation before taking an action. Sometimes we tend to overthink, sometimes we reach a wrong decision but there are enough times when we rejoice. But one thing that remains constant and that is the analysis. We look forward to people to support us and guide us through. We choose our mentors at every stage. My journey to get into IIM was no different. The student teams of all institutes were so helpful and very quick to revert and resolve the doubts I had and it was fortunate to meet the seniors at IIM Kashipur and work with them over the last year and replacing them to guide the aspirants and hopefully working with them over the next year.

One thing that I heard a lot last year was City-Meets. I couldn’t fathom what the purpose was. Why should I go in the heat and meet these seniors but the trend was catching on and almost every institute was doing it and this year it’s no different. It’s just me who has moved to the other side this time, the baton has been passed and we are working to hold our city meets too. One question remains unconquered though. The “why” part was never answered. My team is putting in efforts to plan everything and yet the aspirants who we want to meet have no idea why.

This is the time when we leave the technology and go into a more traditional face to face approach with a personal touch. It presents a great opportunity to live the IIM life through our experiences. It helps creating a fresh bond in an informal setup. MBA is all about making the right connections and networking is something you should never miss, whether you get through or not. These innocuous contacts may help you great deal later. So move, walk, run, drive but come to meet us, let’s talk over coffee and you get an idea about what we stand for. Its information you seek, delivered in a more effective way.