‘Living A Consultant’s Life’ – Deepika’s Internship Experience At Alvarez & Marsal – IIM Lucknow

Consulting. The word itself lights up the eyes of the numerous B-school students across the globe working towards carving promising and bright futures for themselves. The good money, travel opportunities, exposure to a myriad of industries, work alongside the sharpest minds are some of the key ingredients that make consulting one of the most sought after career options by most b-school students. And so, naturally, my happiness knew no bounds when I was selected and congratulated by the partner of one of the most respectable consulting firms-Alvarez & Marsal.

I had done my homework pretty well prior to joining the firm as an intern. My interactions with seniors who had previously interned at consulting firms had left me with mixed emotions which I carried with me to the first day of the internship. The first day unmistakably set the bar for performance standards which were expected of the interns. We met the MDs, Partners and other employees of the firm (the ones who weren’t travelling, of course) whose expertise and rich work experiences across different industries left me awestruck. One of the many things that we were told on the first day was that during the 8 weeks of the internship we would be treated as employees, not just as interns. And I believe that it is one of the major factors that makes the internship an enriching experience not only for interns but also for the company. The enthusiasm kept gaining momentum as all interns were assigned different projects, each project as exciting and challenging as the other.

Looking back, I enjoyed every bit of the roller coaster ride that my internship at A&M was. The long hours of deliberation on any issue with my manager, late-night calls and discussions with team members in the conference rooms, client presentations, parties were some of the key ingredients that constituted for a stimulating and a rich learning experience. They also contributed to the strong bonding I formed with my co-interns and co-workers.

One thing that was common among us all was that we enjoyed our work. Even with a great deal of work pressure and urgent deliverables at hand, one could never spot a dull face or a dull moment in the office at any point of time. I could approach any co-worker regarding any help or guidance or any issue that I was facing and they would take every possible measure to ensure that my concerns were taken care of. This was one of the best things I liked about the firm’s work culture which made me feel like I was an integral part of the firm and not just an intern. Throughout the internship, my interactions with the senior colleagues significantly structured my thought process and have helped me streamline the way I approach and solve any problem. While working on my project, I was actually able to connect the pieces from the classroom learning and see their practical application.

The opportunity to intern with and learn from A&M will undoubtedly be one of my most cherished takeaways from IIM Lucknow. Working with some of the sharpest brains on diverse projects is a stimulating yet humbling experience at the same time, and challenges you to push your limits, think outside the box and deliver the best results.

Deepika Saxena

MBA student at IIM Lucknow